Saturday, June 8, 2013

Conscious Cleanse Food and Update

After some headaches on Monday, hubby started to feel better on Tuesday. Interestingly, by Tuesday evening, I didn’t feel well at all (headache, achy all over, generally not feeling well). And here I had thought I wouldn’t go through withdrawal/detox this time doing the Conscious Cleanse! My guess is that cutting out dairy may have caused some detox symptoms. The symptoms weren’t bad, but since I didn’t anticipate them, they threw me off…

The rest of the week, both of us had mild headaches and just didn’t feel great on and off. Like during the last cleanse, I don’t feel up to lots of exercise. I do some daily yoga (class in a studio or at home) but have  been walking less.

I look forward to feeling better during week 2!

Here are some of our meals. Not pictured are lots of raw veggies and some fruits.

Questions: What was on your menu this week? What’s a new food you recently discovered that you really like? I really like the black bean hummus, a Conscious Cleanse recipe. It’s a very simple recipe – basically just cooked black beans processed in a food processor with some oil, lemon juice and spices. 

Be well,