Sunday, July 5, 2009

Breakfast Variety

It's funny. For months, I ate the same breakfast almost every day: steel cut oatmeal. I loved my oatmeal and couldn't imagine starting the day without it. Then there was a stretch when I taught a very early morning class and had trouble fitting in breakfast. But I managed to get up early enough to make my oatmeal on most days. On days I didn't have time for oatmeal I ate a banana and a bar. However, after many months of eating the same breakfast, I got tired of it and switched to whole grain bread with avocado, tomato and basil. Sooo good! :o)

Recently I have found that I want to eat a bigger variety of breakfast foods and "more traditional" breakfast foods: eggs, waffles, potatoes, pancakes. This was kind of surprising to me as I never really wanted to eat these foods, except when we went out for breakfast. Well, we aren't really going out to eat breakfast anymore, so maybe that's why I'm starting to miss these foods.... So today I made whole wheat blueberry pancakes with cottage cheese, bananas, strawberries, blueberries & plums on the side. They were just what I wanted - satisfying yet healthy. Hubby loves his syrup, so he added quite a bit of syrup to his pancakes and was very happy.... :o)

Questions: Do you eat the same breakfast every day or do you mix it up? What is your favorite breakfast food (right now)?

Be well,


  1. Also looks like a nod to the 4th of July with the colors!

  2. YUM! Those pancakes look amazing! Like you, I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday. I go through stages, and they usually last about 1 to two years. This one (my cereal stage) has lasted about 2 years already. I just can't kick it! I mix three different types of cereal (one unhealthy, two healthy), plus some frozen blueberries or blackberries, and soy or almond milk. So, I guess it does change in tiny ways, but overall it's always very similar.

    The like the avocado toast idea!

  3. That's a nice spread you've got there! I very rarely eat the same breakfast two days in a row. I have a bunch of staples I keep on hand and switch it up. I go back and forth between green smoothies, sprouted grain toast with nut butter or mashed avocado, oatmeal or oat bran, fruit only and sometimes on the weekends I make pancakes.

  4. What a gorgeous breakfast platter!
    I usually eat the same things every two days, then try to switch it up...

  5. Anonymous7/05/2009

    Oh my God, what a spread! I LOVE breakfasty foods, but these days I just stick to my fav every single day: matcha oats, yogurt, and fruits.

  6. I switch it up daily with different combos. Sometimes the same food, but in different portion sizes. Your breakfast looks amazing by the way! Better than a restaurant, I'm serious! :D

  7. Anonymous7/07/2009

    Holy cow that's an amazing spread! I am not afraid of big breakfasts, love them! I love my oats and am glad there are a bunch of different ways to use them.... soaked, cooked, made into pancakes, such a versatile grain. :D

  8. Anonymous7/07/2009

    Yummy pancake and fruit platter. I'm craving some pancakes for my breakfast tomorrow. For me, I usually mix up my breakfast items. Two days tops of the same thing.