Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Off Day" And Getting Back on Track

Forgetting To Eat
We went to a family reunion yesterday. Unfortunately, the day turned out to be an "off day" for me. The reunion was about 2 1/2 hours away, and we left mid-morning to give the toddler the chance to burn off some energy at home and at the park before being strapped in his car seat for a long time. At the park, I started to feel really sick. It was quite bad. Hubby thought it had to do with all the almond butter that I have been eating. But I didn't think that was the case as I'm very careful to eat only a little bit at a time. I finally realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast! It was 10:00 a.m., and I had only had two crackers.

Nutritious Lunch
We went home (with the toddler protesting very loudly all the way home as he was not done playing), and I ate some plain Greek yogurt before eating the only reasonable meal of the day:

Veggie burger; Red Potato Salad with Greek yogurt/lemon dressing; Sun Chips
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Dehydration, alcohol, chips & cheese = Bad Mixture
After our very early lunch, we got in the car. Once we got to the reunion the toddler had a great time. He ran around for hours, having fun, and I ran after him, trying to make sure he didn't destroy the house. As a result, I didn't make sure I drank enough fluids (it was 98 degrees outside) or eat enough food. I drank hardly any water, but drank some wine (in fact, I tasted three different wines - a bit too much...) I also snacked on some cheese and chips.

No time for Dinner & Too Many Cookies
I also didn't really have the chance to sit down to eat dinner but ate stuff off hubby's plate (he was actually awesome and fed me while I was feeding the toddler on my lap; we were trying to hit the road as soon as possible as we had a long ride ahead of us). Overall dinner was not a satisfying meal; I ate food I didn't really want to eat too quickly. I also took WAY too many cookies on the way out and ate them in the car.

Bad Food, Not Enough Exercise & Too Much Wine = Feeling Bad

Getting Back on Track
This morning, I decided to start the day off right and had some oatmeal with blueberries and a non-fat Greek yogurt. We then went to the gym, and I lifted weights and climbed the stair climber for 30 minutes. On the way home, we stocked up on veggies & fruits at the Farmers' Market.

Nutritious Food + Exercise + Farmers' Market Produce = Feeling Good :0)

Question: How do you get back on track after you don't eat so well and/or don't get enough exercise?

Be well,


  1. I try not to let it get to me. I try not to make any special conditions for the next day. For example, I won't add an extra 30 minutes to cardio. I won't skip the one piece of chocolate I sometimes eat. I pretend like nothing unusual happened the day before. Otherwise I over-restrict or over exercise and start feeling worse about myself.

  2. i just go right back to my usual and know that feeling guilty will not help out any!

  3. I'm planning on not eating too well on my upcoming vacation, as that is usually what happens when I don't have my favorite grocery store around and we eat out every night! It's usually tough getting back into the groove, but I just remind myself that my body is craving some health and good nutrients, it usually works :) Also I remind myself that it's normal to be "off" sometimes, in fact, it's healthy to be "off" sometimes, it's life!

  4. I remember those toddler days - constantly chasing after them at parties and never eating a hot meal! Crazy times!

    I think just getting right back into your normal plan is the best way to get back on track. You didn't do that badly, though so don't worry too much!

  5. Anonymous7/12/2009

    When I have a bad day and have to get back on track, I just start eating normally. Even if I had a "junk" day, I don't start cutting cals or stuff to get back on track, because that would set me back and make me think I'm restricting myself. Just start the day afresh and enjoy! :-)
    By the way, I def don't think you did too bad! And good for you for jumping right back to track!

  6. If I feel very bad in the morning after a day of eating junk or overindulging, I usually have some tea instead of my usual coffee with cream and then a Green Monster or something else late morning, just nothing too heavy. I'm like you in that exercise helps too.

  7. those weekends happen - i think the best way i get myself back on track is to not obsess over what i ate/didn't exercise/etc. over the weekend and just resume normal habits. maybe throw in some extra time at the gym, and you will be good to go girl!

  8. I think the best thing to remember is that wallowing in a perceived set-back is just as bad as having another set-back. You're doing great, everyone deserves some cookies here and there and as long as you're more consistently "on track" than off it, you're doing amazingly well!

  9. I like your approach to getting back on track :) It doesn't seem like you had that bad of an off-day anyway, but I like that you're just picking up with your usual habits. Restricting is not the way to go, as I learned from experience! Now when I feel off, I just start my next meal as I usually would. :)

  10. for me this entire thing is a marathon (I learned the hard way when I viewed it as a sprint) so I just git up and git back on track.
    no choices.
    no regret.

  11. Anonymous7/13/2009

    Ugh I think we all have days like that. But yup, just get up and start over again and get back on track with your good habits. And sometimes I think days like these are good reminders of WHY we choose to take care of ourselves... because feeling like crap SUCKS!

  12. Anonymous7/13/2009

    Hey there! After an off day I try to not dwell on it and think that the next day is a brand new day to be healthy! If I'm really feel down I usually try to drink some veggie juice form breakfast (Green Monsters!!) or I do some more cardio for the day!

  13. I think its great though that you started the next day nice and healthy! Your veggie burger the meal before looks great :)

  14. Sorry it was a rough day! But your lunch does look fantastic.

  15. Good job getting back on track! ;)