Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Off Day" And Getting Back on Track

Forgetting To Eat
We went to a family reunion yesterday. Unfortunately, the day turned out to be an "off day" for me. The reunion was about 2 1/2 hours away, and we left mid-morning to give the toddler the chance to burn off some energy at home and at the park before being strapped in his car seat for a long time. At the park, I started to feel really sick. It was quite bad. Hubby thought it had to do with all the almond butter that I have been eating. But I didn't think that was the case as I'm very careful to eat only a little bit at a time. I finally realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast! It was 10:00 a.m., and I had only had two crackers.

Nutritious Lunch
We went home (with the toddler protesting very loudly all the way home as he was not done playing), and I ate some plain Greek yogurt before eating the only reasonable meal of the day:

Veggie burger; Red Potato Salad with Greek yogurt/lemon dressing; Sun Chips
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Dehydration, alcohol, chips & cheese = Bad Mixture
After our very early lunch, we got in the car. Once we got to the reunion the toddler had a great time. He ran around for hours, having fun, and I ran after him, trying to make sure he didn't destroy the house. As a result, I didn't make sure I drank enough fluids (it was 98 degrees outside) or eat enough food. I drank hardly any water, but drank some wine (in fact, I tasted three different wines - a bit too much...) I also snacked on some cheese and chips.

No time for Dinner & Too Many Cookies
I also didn't really have the chance to sit down to eat dinner but ate stuff off hubby's plate (he was actually awesome and fed me while I was feeding the toddler on my lap; we were trying to hit the road as soon as possible as we had a long ride ahead of us). Overall dinner was not a satisfying meal; I ate food I didn't really want to eat too quickly. I also took WAY too many cookies on the way out and ate them in the car.

Bad Food, Not Enough Exercise & Too Much Wine = Feeling Bad

Getting Back on Track
This morning, I decided to start the day off right and had some oatmeal with blueberries and a non-fat Greek yogurt. We then went to the gym, and I lifted weights and climbed the stair climber for 30 minutes. On the way home, we stocked up on veggies & fruits at the Farmers' Market.

Nutritious Food + Exercise + Farmers' Market Produce = Feeling Good :0)

Question: How do you get back on track after you don't eat so well and/or don't get enough exercise?

Be well,