Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Fun & Sparkling Lemony Water

It was a beautiful and hot weekend. And we found ways to stay cool.

Sparkling Lemon Water

Since I did the Conscious Cleanse in January, I’ve been pretty much only drinking water, with an occasional cup of tea once in a while. While I like plain water, I have to say that it’s been getting a bit boring, and I therefore decided to flavor some sparkling water with some NuNaturals Lemon drops, and it’s delicious. Sometimes, I add some fresh lemon juice as well. It’s a great drink on a hot day.

Yoga Challenge

The yoga challenge is going well, but it’s definitely a huge time commitment, and I feel some things don’t get done. I have also been sore for almost two weeks now (which means I’m using muscles I don’t usually use, which is a good thing). My goal is still to walk at least 70,000 steps per week. I had a few very low step days (mainly the days on which I took 1.5 hour yoga classes). But I have continued to walk and hike, and my overall step total is right on target. After the yoga challenge is over, I plan to continue to walk every day, hike several times per week, and take 3 or 4 yoga or barre classes per week.

Questions: What’s your favorite beverage? I like plain water and drink it a lot. But having a “fancier” drink once in a while is nice, and sparkling, slightly sweet lemon water fits the bill.

Be well,