Sunday, March 17, 2013

4 Years Ago and WINNERS

I started this blog on March 14, 2009. At the beginning, it was an online journal to help me focus on making healthier choices. But once I discovered other blogs, this blog became a lot more.

Because of my blog I dabbled in quite a few things I may have never tried without it, such as:
  • Juicing
  • Green smoothies
  • Raw foods
  • HIIT
  • Different exercises and exercise videos
  • Many different books on all kinds of topics
Because of my blog, I met (virtually and in real life) countless other bloggers, which continue to encourage and inspire me. Thank you!

The blog also helps me keep track of our life. Here are some of the first pictures of the kid (then the toddler) on the blog in June and July 2009:

Toddler-01Kid 01
Kid 03Kid 04

At times, the blog took over my life. I used to post a lot more often but finally had to realize that more than one or two posts per week just isn’t realistic and doesn’t fit into my life. Now my blog feels just right. Smile

And now on to the giveaway winners. Way back when, the toddler used to always help me with selecting giveaway winners, and I thought why not stick to that tradition.

Giveaway Winner 02Giveaway Winner 01

So I got out my pink hat again, and the kid picked four names from all the entries.

And the winners are:

Debbie Harris
Stacie @ Snaps and Bits
Marion @ Affection For Fitness

Please email me your mailing addresses (no P.O. Boxes) to: andreaswellnessnotes [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will forward your addresses to NuNaturals, and they will ship the drops directly to you.

Questions: When did you start reading blogs and/or start your own blog? I started my blog in March 2009 and then soon discovered “mommy blogs” and through one of the mommy blogs I discovered exercise blogs and healthy living blogs. One of the first blogs I found was MizFitOnline, and Carla still inspires me to this day.

Be well,