Saturday, April 28, 2012

Balance and Living Life

Life has been very busy, and I have been struggling to feel “balanced.” I realize that there really is no such thing as true “balance,” but it’s easy to realize when things are way off balance. I’m determined to focus more on the things I know I need to do to stay healthy and happy, and that includes the following: 
  • enough sleep – I have not been getting enough sleep for about a month now, and it is starting to show. I’m determined to get more sleep. That probably means that the few TV shows I’m currently watching will have to go…
  • healthy, planned meals – investing a few hours on the weekend to plan and prep meals pays off every time. I’m going to spend some time in the kitchen this weekend. 
  • enough exercise – Some workouts didn’t happen because of meetings and other work obligations. I think it’s time to get back to early morning workouts. That way they will happen! 
  • some fun – It’s so important to have some fun every day. And often it’s simply a matter of perspective…
I haven’t documented our life in photos in a while (partly because my laptop is breaking down little by little and hasn’t let me download any pics from my camera). Here are a few photos I emailed to myself. It's a great reminder that there has been fun in our lives! :)

Questions: How do you make sure to stay “balanced” when life gets hectic? What fun things are you going to do today?

Be well,