Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Year, Gratitude, and Focus on Wellness

A few days ago, it was my birthday. I don’t really like to celebrate my birthday. It goes back to my childhood and the fact that my birthday was never a big deal. No wrapped gifts. No big party. No cake. Okay. I didn’t really like cake back then. Anyway, my birthday was always disappointing, and I’ve carried the dislike for celebrating my birthday with me for a long time. And for many years, I didn’t celebrate. I figured it was better to not do anything because I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Today I realize how childish I have been for way too long. Life is a precious gift, and on my birthday it is my duty to celebrate this gift and to be thankful for it. It’s not about gifts or a fancy dinner. It’s about gratitude and appreciation for all that I have. It’s also about taking care of myself so that I am able to take care of those I love and live my best possible life. I realize that “taking care of yourself” only goes so far, and so many are less fortunate than I am at this moment and don’t have the gift of health that I enjoy right now. Yet another reason to be so very thankful…

So this year for my birthday there were flowers, cupcakes, a pie, and best of all lots of hugs and kisses! Smile

Hubby surprised me with a fantastic outing, and we went to the DISHCRAWL at the Fairmont in San Jose. We got to sample little bites from three restaurants at the Fairmont, and we got to explore the suites, which had the most amazing array of desserts. Hubby and I used to do date night quite regularly but for various reasons haven’t been out by ourselves in almost a year.  It was great to get out, and I appreciated every second. Thanks hubby for a great evening, and thanks Uncle Roy for babysitting!!!

Having another birthday also reminded me of the importance of focusing on my well being every day. For the next year (and beyond!), I want to focus on various parts of wellness (food, health, financial, relationship, work…) a little bit every day. I also want to continue to plan my meals and workouts. I have gotten several emails asking me where my meal and workout planning posts have gone… I always plan our meals and workouts on my whiteboard, but they don’t always make it on the blog. I thought that maybe a Facebook page would be a quicker and more convenient way to plan meals, workouts, and post various wellness reminders (for myself and anyone else who is interested). It’s also an easy way to start a conversation… I will still continue to post meals and workouts on this blog when time allows.

If you’d like to join the conversation on my Facebook page, head over there and “like” my page.

Questions: Do you like to celebrate your birthday? Why or why not? What is one thing you’ll do for yourself today? Let’s inspire each other! 

Be well,


  1. Love that you started an FB page and am so glad you celebrated this year - happy belated birthday! I do celebrate but have never been good at really enjoying myself on my birthday - loved this post - I want to do better next year which is good since it's the big three-oh!

  2. Anonymous8/25/2011

    Happy birthday Andrea! I am glad that you had a great celebration! You're so right about the right way to celebrate it: be thankful of what we have and cherish everyday!!!
    I like to celebrate my birthday with my family and close friends because it's a day important for me and them and I love to be with them.
    today I let myself to do whatever feels like... magazine clipping, book reading, blog writing and FB! :)

  3. The month and day of your birth is extremely special to me, so I'd like to continue celebrating your birthdays for always. :)

  4. I didn't know that about your birthday growing up. I think your new outlook on birthdays is fantastic...I fully support all the frills that come with birthday celebrations :)

    What a fun event! I love, love that particular Fairmont location. It is so beautiful. I'm glad you two had a special night out.

  5. Happy Birthday, Andrea! I'm glad you decided to celebrate your birthday :)

    LOVE your glasses, too!

  6. I was like you and never made a big deal out of my birthday. It was something a family with 10 kids could not afford to do and I never expected it. And when I became an adult, my birthday fell just days after my own mother's and my older daughter and I was happy to settle for third place. But last year, I spent the day without cards, phone calls, or recognition and it was sad and lonely and all my own doing! I had taught everyone around me that it didn't matter. So, I decided I would be truthful about the hurt to my family and this year, I didn't wait for them to "remember". I talked openly and loudly about my upcoming birthday and it was fabulous! Not because of gifts or anything like that, but for all the messages I received from people I love and respect. It was a very nice day and I will never pretend that it doesn't matter ever again. You are so blessed to have such a sweet family!

  7. Amen Andrea, celebrate your beautiful and blessed life!

  8. sounds like a fantastic birthday :)

  9. Anonymous8/26/2011

    Greta said....

    Ich freue mich,daß Du so einen gelungenen und schönen Geburtstag hattest.Ich feiere inzwischen
    immer Geburtstag,wenn möglich.Leider gibt es auch
    Jahre an denen man nicht kann oder auch nicht möchte. Kindergeburtstag muss immer gefeiert werden, allein schon die Vorbereitung, Kuchen backen,Tischdeko basteln,Spiele vorbereiten und und.......Geburtstag ist ein besondere Tag!!!!!!

  10. Love what you said about it being your duty to celebrate life!!! True that. Happy birthday, friend.

  11. Happy belated birthday Andrea! It sounds like your relationship with your b-day is like mine with New Year's always is such a buildup but is then so disappointing in the end. I have sort of done what you did and just turned NY eve into a regular holiday, and I don't try to "look forward" to it as much, I just go with it. I'm glad your relationship with your b-day, and yourself, has changed over the years. It's never too late to start enjoying a good birthday, especially when you have such a loving and supportive family, like you do.
    Today I am going to have a relaxing evening with my mom, which is both for myself AND for her. I love being with her, so that's my gift to myself today :)

  12. I love celebrate my birthday.
    There is a motto I follow:
    "Troubles will come alone, but celebrations should be taken care of"

  13. Belated birthday to you! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed a good time and positive experience on your special day this year!

    I don't like to make make a big deal on my birthday. I'm good with a quiet dinner with Jason and the kids. Plus, my Mom always cooks us birthday dinner so I get to hang with them and my brother & sister, too which is always nice!

  14. Happy belated birthday. A coworker once told me that the alternative to not having another birthday isn't good. Once I thought of it that way, just like you, I decided to celebrate every year I have with family and friends. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful husband and son to share your next birthday with. :)

  15. Happy belated birthday! I am glad you had a great day!

  16. Happy Birthday!
    I think it's great that you are celebrating your birthday. You should be! It looks like a wonderful evening!

  17. Happy, HAPPY birthday, Andrea! What a nice outing by the hubby, too. I hope your birthday was as sweet as it looks. ;)

  18. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU DARLING ANDREA!!!! ((hugss)) & kisses. Sorry for the late visit... was trying to take some time off & keep my battery recharged again before catching up with you all. Hope you're not dissapointed! Looks like you aren't alone anymore. You sure had a great time and a grand party going on there. Gosh, how I miss haveing those roses. Hm.... yes, I am so jealous here. HAHAHA.... wish you all the best & may many more happy returns.
    Blessings, Kristy

  19. Happy Birthday Andrea! So glad you now celebrate with those near and dear!!! All the best for the new year ahead! May it be your best EVER!!!

  20. Happy belated birthday Andrea. You are beautiful inside and out!

    We didn't make a big fuss out of birthdays when I was a kid either. It's hard for me now to get all excited. I do make a really big deal out of my kids b-days. I want them to know how much they are loved and how GRATEFUL I am for their lives!