Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some Fruits and Veggies While Wifey's Away

[Guest post by hubby.]

Andrea has reached the half way point on her Germany trip. She's just embarked on a week-long, mountainous hike with her dad, and the toddler and I can't wait to hear from her after she's done with all that hiking.

Meanwhile, back here in California, the toddler and I have been making sure that we get our fill of fruits and vegetables. Our patio garden helps with that.

The day after wifey departed for Germany, I harvested enough red leaf lettuce, arugula, and tomatoes to enjoy a quick mini-salad.

A couple of days later, the toddler snacked on some tomatoes right off the plant.

There were more ripened tomatoes after another couple of days.

The toddler made quick work of the littler ones.

 Visits to farmers' markets are always worth our while.

Raw cheddar cheese and basil accompanied the bigger tomatoes.

Practicing counting through fruit, in this case watermelon slices and blueberries.

More tomatoes.

The little ones disappear in a flash.

And the bigger ones complement the lettuce and arugula again.

Checking out another farmers' market.

Darn, good cherries.

Our recent CSA delivery consisted of pluots, apricots, cantaloupe, beets, summer squash, broccoli, assorted tomatoes, carrots lettuce, and cucumber.

Of which I prepared a super simple, quick salad using all the lettuce and cucumber for my brother, the teenager, and me several afternoons ago.

For most of my life, I've never really cared for vegetables and was not knowledgeable about things like organic food, locally grown food, or CSAs. These days, I'm very grateful for such knowledge and that my palate's horizons have expanded - and I have wifey to thank for all that.

Have you always enjoyed eating vegetables?



  1. Great guest post! I mainly ate just cucumbers and carrots growing up, I didn't like cooked vegetables at all, until I tried them again in my 30's - turns out my Mom just overcooked them so that's why I didn't like them!

  2. I was lucky to have parents, like you and Andrea, who fed me fresh produce from day one. So yes, i've always loved eating veggies! I never went to farmer's markets as a child, until I was older, but we did have a garden and a raspberry and grape bush in our back yard, which was incredibly neat and a great way to learn about cooking with fruits.

  3. Nice guest post and great job at the Farmer's Mkt. I think Andrea will be pleased!

    I have always liked veggies!

  4. I loved seeing all the pics!!!! Looks like you guys are doing just fine without me! :)

  5. Nice job keeping the house in running order! My son used to love picking from the garden too. Have a good Sunday. :)

  6. Anonymous7/17/2011

    Where did you get the raw cheddar? Me want!

    I look forward to having my own place so I can start a small garden. Though knowing me I'd probably soon be at war with the caterpillars.

    Keep holding down the fort!

  7. I love that the toddler is so good about fruits and veggies. I can only hope I get so lucky with kids someday :) The tomatoes look perfect! And those cherries...ah! YUM! Ours aren't looking QUITE that good in the Midwest...can't wait til they do, though!

  8. Nice hubby to guest post for your wife. All of the fresh food looks so delicious. That's all i've been wanting to eat lately. Fresh fruits and veggies. Probably something to do with being pregnant, and just how i feel after eating healthy VS after eating a snickers or even over cooked foods etc. Thanks for sharing everything. We finally have a yard and are excited to eventually grow something next year. Not sure what yet, but tomatoes and basil are all i want.

  9. Hello, hubby! I loved reading your guest post! Fresh veggies and fruits are really the best thing about this time of year, I think - and your tomatoes are looking out of this world! Glad to see the toddler still loved his tomatoes ;)

    We're growing some herbs this year, but otherwise we joined a CSA that keeps us awash in veggies. I'm looking forward to hearing all about Germany!

  10. Nice to know that you are doing well. The veggie garden pictures are awesome...nothing like from the garden to the table. Great pictures as well.
    Hope you all are having a great week :-)