Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time To “Party” A Bit Less…

I love summer. I love everything about it: the weather, the longer days, the fresh fruits and veggies, swimming, being outside… Plus, during the summer I usually get to teach more “fun classes.” And even when I teach “serious classes,” somehow they are more enjoyable during the summer (even though we cover a lot of material in a short period of time.)

So yes, the past few weeks have been truly enjoyable, especially since we got to get away twice. It almost felt like one continuous party (with the quite frequent glass of wine or beer to “celebrate”). I have been “relaxing” a lot when it comes to food and exercise. There have been quite a few “missed workouts” and plenty of “little extra treats.” Nothing shocking or extreme, but the unusual inactivity and extra calories could not go unnoticed forever… So in the next few weeks, I’ll try to enjoy life more by exercising more consistently and eating more fruits and veggies!

Speaking of food, here are some food photos from our Lake Tahoe trip. We only ate out a few times and prepared most of our meals in the condo that we rented. We didn’t take photos of most of the food, but here are the ones we took. Everything was delicious… :) And, yes, I also relaxed a bit when it came to the toddler’s food; he got to experience some “kid’s foods” he usually doesn’t get to eat…

LT Food 01
LT Food 02
LT Food 03
LT Food 04
LT Food 05
LT Food 09
LT Food 08
LT Food 07
LT Food 06

Questions: Are you enjoying your summer? Are you doing anything too much or too little? Yes, I am enjoying my summer a lot! And, as I said above, I’ve been enjoying food a bit too much and exercising not quite enough… But I’m working on it… :)

Be well,