Friday, July 9, 2010

“Letting Go” While on Vacation (But Not Too Much)

Vacations can be challenging. First, there are often many (unrealistic) expectations. Then there are challenges such as where to eat, what to eat, finding places to exercise – the list can be long. But instead of focusing on the “challenges,” this year I decided to “let go” a bit and enjoy life (without going overboard).
Here are some things I learned during our recent trip to San Diego:
  • It’s okay to not exercise for a week. Walking, swimming, and chasing after the toddler kept me moving enough. In fact, the break from exercising allowed my body to recover, and I enjoy my workouts a lot more again. Yes, there were moments of guilt, but I was able to let go – it felt good!
  • Drinking a glass of champagne with lunch feels really nice! :) And the beer and some wine weren’t bad either… Spread throughout the vacation; not all during the lunch! :)
  • It’s not “all or nothing.” Pairing a small portion of pretty much anything with a plain salad (dressed with lemon juice if nothing else is available; in fact, I carried a lemon in my purse!) left me feeling satisfied yet “good” for most meals.
  • Most restaurant breakfasts aren’t worth it. I still can’t figure out how it’s possible to mess up oatmeal so badly… And hubby’s breakfasts were too “beige” – neither visually appealing nor tasty…
  • Bring plenty of water, fruits, and healthy snacks. They “saved” us on numerous occasions!
  • Be flexible – sometimes “perfect” doesn’t happen. Just create a “new perfect.”
Question: What are your favorite tips for enjoying life while on vacation?
Be well,