Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sometimes A Salad Tastes Even Better If You Don’t Have to Make It

On the weekend, we were at the mall in the late afternoon. On the way out, we passed by Fresh Choice, a salad buffet. It’s one of the places we go to once in a while with the toddler. There is lots of room, it’s noisy, and if the toddler makes a mess, it’s not a big deal… Plus, the toddler really likes to eat beans there. It’s not that we don’t eat beans at home, but I guess to the toddler they taste better at Fresh Choice….

Anyway, when we passed by there, the toddler insisted on eating there. Since it was almost dinner time, and I really didn’t feel like cooking anyway, we agreed. And I remembered that I really enjoy eating a nice, “interesting” salad when I don’t have to make it…

Here is my plate. Because of all the different textures and flavors, I never need to use dressing at Fresh Choice. I don’t remember everything I put on my plate, but there was spinach, cucumber slices, mushrooms, beets, red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, jicama, radishes, gabanzo beans, edamame, kidney beans, cottage cheese, & blue cheese.

And here is hubby’s plate.

And the toddler’s bowl of beans & peas…

The toddler also loves to eat the tofu there. So he always gets a bowl of tofu as well.

In addition, the toddler also finished a bowl of macaroni & cheese. Since children 2 and under eat for free, the toddler certainly got his money’s worth! :)

I think the reason hubby loves to go to Fresh Choice is the dessert. He always gets a little bit of ice cream with tons of chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, & caramel sauce. Since we don’t go very often, I guess it’s okay…

And here is the toddler’s and my dessert. Yes, I know, the toddler and I are soooo good! Just kidding; there are no "good" or "bad" foods... :)

Questions: What do you add to your salad to make it “interesting?” Do you put things on your salad at a buffet that you never add at home? I always add cottage cheese at a buffet, but I never add it at home for some reason…

Be well,