Monday, December 28, 2009

The Promise of A New Year

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but last year hubby and I wrote down some goals for 2009. At the time, I actually didn't feel like writing down goals, and hubby sort of made me. But I'm glad he did. I hadn't looked at these goals since almost a year ago, and it actually took me a while to find them buried somewhere on hubby's laptop. Here is what I wrote down on January 2, 2009.
  • Enjoy, cherish, and value my family every day
  • Find a good work-life balance
  • Be open to making changes/adjustments
  • Be physically active every day
  • Eat "right" yet enjoy life
  • Go on a "date" or do "a date thing" at least once a week - I was VERY optimistic with this one!
  • Be more organized - Still working on this one!
  • Care about how I look (but don't obsess) - I had "let myself go" a bit too much...
  • Be kind to myself and others
  • Keep writing blog entries (for a family blog I was writing at the time)
  • Document the toddler's every changing life
  • Back to #1 - enjoy the toddler, the teenager, & hubby
It was interesting for me to read this list, and looking at it, I realize that it really reflects my values. I don't necessarily think that it's a good idea to have "extreme" New Year's resolutions as I believe that lasting change most likely happens when it happens slowly. For example, in January 2009, we hadn't gone on a "date" or done "a date thing" since the toddler was born in the fall of 2007. It truly wasn't realistic to go on a date once per week. In fact, we went on our first date in July or August! However, the other goals were doable, and I'm really happy because I think that I did a pretty good job working on them every day. Did I accomplish all of them perfectly all the time? No. But I truly made an effort.

I believe it can be helpful to have goals to focus us and to make us think about what's important in life. It is also very helpful to assess the goals on a regular basis and to see what we need to adjust. Writing goals down and then not looking at them for almost a year like I did is not the best way to do it though. I think I'll try to have monthly goals for 2010 and will try to assess them at the end of every month. We'll see how it goes...

Questions: What are some of your big and small goals? Or do you not believe in setting goals at the beginning of a new year? If so, why not? If you do have goals, how often do you plan to assess/adjust them?

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  1. I love these:
    # Enjoy, cherish, and value my family every day
    # Find a good work-life balance

    As well as date nite!!!!!!!
    I havent had that since I was pregnant. So 4 yrs. Sigh. We moms need to find that balance, don't we. WE care for others all day long, try to care for ourselves, it would be nice to be wined and dined and out ALONE with the hubs, wouldnt it :) I need to do this more...ok, at all! I dont drink anymore so I wonder, what's the point. And I am a high raw vegan so dining out isn't so easy. I am this way for health reasons/allergies but trust me, wish it was different :)

    Glad you liked the kale recipe info! I didnt want to just drop that without qualifying it, but glad you liked it :)

  2. I loved all your 09 goals...they were perfect!

    I love to set goals and shoot for them.
    My big goals is to run a 5K this year (or two)...and to get back to school.

    my small ones are the day to day stuff.

    we are just started to 'date" again and it is SO nice. And we really need to make it consistant. Having a sitter we trust now makes it all easier!

  3. After learning the pitfalls of the hardest goals to fulfill in life: lose weight, be more organized, I realized the same thing you did, you have to incorporate it gradually into your lifestyle. This year my goal is to incorporate more grains into the family's diet, like barley, millet, quinoa.

  4. I like thinking of goals and writing them down but I tend to have a very cavalier approach to achieving them unfortunately.

    So my goal for this year is to lose this last 15 lbs. And run a couple of races. Because I seem to let my running fall by the wayside if I don't have an event to focus on.

  5. Those are really nice goals. When they reflect our true values, we're way more likely to be able to fit them into our lifestyles and accomplish them!

  6. I love your 2009 list! I also love the idea of having monthly goals. I plan on reflecting over the next week and making a good resolution. I'm probably going to blog about it so that I'll always have it to refer back to.

  7. How neat to actually remember to go back and review the goals set last year. I usually forget. However I did set one last year. To prevent failure I actually started my resolution or goal 1 week into the year. I didn't feel as much pressure and almost a year later I have stuck with it. Most of the time I set small goals on the path to something bigger. It is harder to loose sight of an end point because with small goals there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. Every year, i always write out a small goals list. I don't really consider them resolutions, but I like to consider it a sort of template I can follow in achieving what I need to get done. I've been pretty good this my list of '09. Here's to hoping that my list for '10 will be met.

  9. that is a great list. i do make a resolution every year~usually just one. 2009's was to not eat candy and i did it! so glad. next year i plan to set another one and stick to it. i think it is a fun challenge :)

  10. I am posting about my goals for 2010 on Wednesday, but in short, I want to continue working on decreasing my caffeine intake and continue to increase my knowledge of yoga. I want to get a DVD and learn the moves, then do a class sometime this year!! I'm excited. I also want to read a book with Nick (I got him two books for Christmas that I want to read with him). I think these are all realistic :)

  11. I love to make goals. I usually make them several times a year (including at the start of a new year). I find it rewarding to reflect back and see the progress I have made on reaching my goals.

  12. I am making goals for 2010. Haven't really done this since I can remember, but life could use some focus.

  13. I think goal-setting is a great idea and to keep things realistic!

  14. Anonymous12/28/2009

    I think long and short term goals are important, and I make them...but new year's resolutions are only made to be broken in my life. So, I don't usually make them. Though I am feeling rather motivated this year, so I may go against my prior stance and give in! Oh, and then follow through!

    I'd like to try more recipes and run a half marathon. I'll have to think about these more in the next week!

  15. Every year, I set goals and usually accomplish those goals... I was able to lose some baby weight last year by exercising and cooking meals at home. This upcoming year, I want to continue to eat better and concentrate on my health and my happiness. :) Love your blog by the way.

  16. goal setting is SO important....I think that it is so easy for people to make goals that are just unrealistic and then they fail to meet them, get upset and its just a vicious cycle! so goal setting is SUPER important...your goals are great! I love the one 'eat right but enjoy life' this right there is awesome! I plan to do this as well!

  17. One of my goals this year is to take more time with my appearnace. I'm very much a get up and go girl, doing hte barest minimum with make up and my jewellery. I want to make an effort to take a little more time in the morning.