Friday, December 18, 2009

Celebrating and Food

Yesterday I wrote about remembering some of our roots with food, and ever since, I have thought a lot about what we say, hear, and read this time of year: that having a good time doesn't have to involve food but rather that it's all about the people. I have written about this on this blog and also in countless comments on other blogs...

Yesterday's post made me think a lot about food, family, and friends and how it all goes together. And while I still agree that people are more important than food, I do think that food is a way to show love, caring, & to celebrate togetherness. Does this mean we have to eat ourselves into oblivion? Definitely not. But I think that a few special dishes that symbolize (old or new) traditions are a nice way to celebrate.

Food does more than simply nourish the body. It can also connect us with others and can connect us to our roots. Sharing a meal with family and friends is such a nice way to nourish our bodies and our souls. Obviously, the food we share doesn't have to be unhealthy. How about fresh, organic vegetables, salads, flavorful fruits, and maybe some organic meat? And how about a nice glass of wine? Or some fresh juice? And how about just one very small slice of freshly baked, decadent cake? There is just something special about planning a menu, choosing the best quality ingredients you can find, preparing a meal with love and care, and then enjoying it with family and friends. It brings us together.

While I still think the holidays shouldn't be all about food, I do think that food is important to nourish our bodies and souls. Eating with family and friends should be an enjoyable, stress-free, connecting part of celebrating.

Question: What are your thoughts about celebrating and food? Can't wait to read your thoughts...

Be well,