Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some New Snacks & The Last Date Night of the Year

Last week, I received this in the mail:

I won Nicole’s giveaway of Newman’s Own Organics products, and my family was all excited! It’s funny because hubby opened the prunes right away. And I hardly ever see him eat prunes. He really liked them, and I have to agree that they are sweet, juicy, & yummy. He also enjoyed the Soy Crisps, but most of them were eaten by the teenager and the toddler. Now as far as the chocolate goes, I hid it for a special moment. Well, I didn’t really “hide” it, but I placed it in a spot in the fridge where I don’t think anyone will come across it… Thanks for letting us try some great products, Nicole! Can’t wait for my “date” with the chocolate.

Speaking of dates, a few weeks ago, hubby and I had our last date of the year. December is so busy that there just isn’t any time for us to sneak away. But we truly enjoyed our last date. Like in the past, we had a very late lunch and therefore just split a few appetizers and splurged a bit on dessert.

Hubby had some red wine, and I enjoyed a passion fruit green tea. I loved that they served the iced tea in a pretty glass. It looked like a fancy cocktail!

We split a salad with pomegranates, pumpkin seeds, and goat cheese. It tasted, fresh, light, and delicious.

We also had some Mini Beef Wellingtons.

We ended our meal, with an eggnog crème brulee. I love crème brulee but don’t like eggnog when it’s too overpowering, so I was a bit worried when we ordered this dish. But it had just the right amount of eggnog flavor. I limited myself to a few spoonfuls as I didn’t want to upset the gallstones…

And here are the decorated palm trees on our way to pick up the toddler.

Questions: What was the last new product you tried? Did you like it? And, do you like prunes?

Be well,