Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Times: It’s All About the People

Yesterday, I went to tea with a good friend of mine, and afterwards we went shopping and spent some time people watching. We had such a good time. Going to tea during the holidays has been our tradition for about 15 years.

The tea was very nice; it’s such a “girly” thing to do.

We enjoyed the food, but what was much more important than the food was spending time with a good friend talking, laughing, being silly, being serious, as well as allowing ourselves to be “real” and sad. We ate a good portion of the food, but there was no need to finish it all. It wasn’t about the food. And it was a nice feeling. I think so often we eat to fulfill dissatisfaction, loneliness, lack of feeling connected. I certainly know I did at some time in my life…

Questions: Have you had a chance to spend some quality time with good friends lately? Have you ever been to tea? Did you like it?

Be well,