Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Cook Week

This is finals week, so it's going to be busy. I won't have a lot of time to cook, so it's going to be a week of "no cook" meals. I usually like to buy my produce at the Farmers' Market and like to shop at several stores. But the weekend was quite busy, so I picked up all my ingredients for my "no cook" meals at Trader Joe's.

Tuesday: I'll build a meal around Trader Joe's Polenta Provencale . I'll start by sauteeing a diced onion and a diced red bell pepper and then add the rinsed Gabanzo beans, black beans, & corn as well as the package of Polenta Provencale. I'll add a bag of arugula at the end and cook it until it is wilted. I know some of you think arugula is too "bitter," but I used it in a similar way a few weeks ago, and it turned out really mild and nice. Actually, the teenager had looked at me in disbelief when I added an entire bag of arugula, but he ended up really liking the dish.

Wednesday: Brown rice past and organic marinara sauce with sauteed onion and sauteed mushrooms. Spinach salad.

Thursday: Quinoa with roasted green beans, Brussels Sprouts, bell peppers, & onions in a sesame dressing. This is going to be similar to this dish.

Friday: To celebrate the end of a long week, we'll get Chipotle.

Questions: Do you have any meals planned this week? What's your favorite take-out food? We love Chipotle.

Be well,