Thursday, December 17, 2009

Remembering Some of Our Roots Through Food

I have been meaning to record some more of our Korean meals for quite some time now. But lately time’s been going by so quickly it seems, and it’s been really difficult for me to take pictures and write down recipes (Korean or otherwise). However, I have been taking more pictures of our Korean meals over the past few weeks. Some of the meals were cooked by me, some by my mother-in-law, and some of them we cooked together. So the plan for the next year is to recreate them, experiment a bit, and post about them (and other Korean meals) one by one. In the meantime, I’m posting myself a “reminder” here.

First up is kimchi (fermented cabbage). I have honestly never made kimchi myself, but I will in 2010!

Oxtail soup with rice cakes, seaweed, & egg.

Hubby’s plate of food prepared by his mom.

The toddler eating a dumpling filled with meat & vegetables. The dumplings were actually purchased in a Korean store.

More soup with meat.

Marinated mushrooms. I’ll have to get the recipe from my mother-in-law.

Marinated radishes and greens. This is also on my “must make” list for 2010.

Marinated “leaves.” Hubby loves them, but I have never made them. These are also going on my “must make” list for 2010.

Marinated meat.

Bean sprout soup with radishes.

Side dishes: bean sprouts, cucumbers, radishes, some sort of root. I have never made the root.

Fried fish.

Dessert rice cakes.

Questions: What are some of your “heritage meals” that you want to preserve?

Be well,