Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekly Meals (8/11 - 8/14)

As promised, I'm back with our weekly meals. I'm feeling much better, and things are "back on track." So here are this week's meals:

Tuesday: Vegetable fried rice with brown rice. We'll have green tea flavored seaweed on the side. It really helps to wrap the rice into the seaweed; otherwise, most of the rice ends up anywhere but the toddler's mouth! Plus, the seaweed is really tasty & good for you (I believe seaweed is rich in vitamins as well as minerals, such as iodine, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium and calcium). That's why after giving birth, many Korean women (and those being a part of Korean families) are fed seaweed soup by the gallons it seems for many weeks... To this day, whenever I eat seaweed soup, I vividly remember the days and weeks after the toddler was born... What sweet memories! :o)

Wednesday: Grilled salmon & roasted veggies.

Thursday: Black bean, fresh salsa & cheese burritos, plus we'll have some chips & fresh salsa on the side.

Friday: It's Salad Friday. I'll make a Pasta Salad with Tomato Basil Almond Pesto, veggies & grilled chicken. This is a new "recipe" that I'll make up as I'm cooking... :o)

Before I leave you, here is a picture of my favorite dish right now: Tomato & Mozzarella & Basil (Caprese) Salad

Questions: Are you eating enough tomatoes? It's the perfect time of the year to eat them!!! :o) What (if any) meals do you have planned?

Be well,


  1. Great question! After seeing your picture, and having a conversation with someone today about tomatoes, I realize I am NOT eating enough tomatoes! I purchased some cherry tomatoes at Trader Joe's, and they aren't very good, I need to get the big juicy summer tomatoes instead! What was I thinking??

    Your meals sound great, again I have nothing planned. Like you, I've been making a lot of sweet potato fries lately AND I make chips too! Your idea with the greek yogurt for a substitute for sour cream is such smart thinking. I use yogurt, but greek yogurt is so much creamier.

  2. Anonymous8/11/2009

    Always love seeing your weekly meals!!

    I am getting tomatoes in nearly every meal lately- can't get enough!

  3. Anonymous8/11/2009

    Green tea seaweed?? I tried seaweed once in the 1st grade and almost threw up! Then again back then I hated everything I eat now so maybe it's worth a shot trying again :)

    your so organized with your meal plans! That's awesome!

  4. i had a tomato in my salad at lunch and i suspect my husband is cutting up s'more for dinner as i type!!!

  5. Anonymous8/11/2009

    Yea. tomatoes are so cheap right now.

  6. I feel so superior this summer! Our tomatoes have been wonderful this year and Martha Stewart's rotted on the vine! How much fun was that? I've been trying to include tomatoes in every meal while they are plentiful. I'm going to roast some with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt tonight and serve them over angel hair pasta!

  7. ohh the grilled salmon and roasted veggies sound great!

    I probably eat one whole tomato every day - they are one of my favorite veggies!

  8. i LOVE all your meal plans - so organized! i need to start doing that again. mmmm tomatoes - i prob eat multiple servings of them a day. they are just so dang versatile!

    as for mushrooms, unfortunately, i am not a huge fan. if they are masked in a dish i am fine, but if they are the centerpiece, no thank ya!

    yay for yummy eats - hope you are having a wonderful week andrea :)

  9. Anonymous8/12/2009

    Everything sounds great!! I love the tomatoes right now, I just eat them as they are.. throw them in a salad, or slice & salt them! Yum!!

  10. That tomato salad looks amazing! Meal planning is something I think is such a good idea, both if you are trying to lose weight and maintain weight!

    It's also a great budget strategy.

  11. Yum, yum, yum - your meal planning rocks!! I go in and out of it - but i'm noticing when I don't write it down i'm not as consistent with with cooking so... I need to follow your lead!! Oooh you'll have to post the new recipe you create!! I've been eating lots of tomatoes (and lot of caprese salads!) - although mine don't look as pro as yours!

  12. Anonymous8/12/2009

    i am up to my ears in tomatoes...and loving it! i'm eating them, pickling them, canning them...they are taking over;)

  13. Anonymous8/12/2009

    I am so stinkin' mad at myself. I got my tomatoes in the ground late this year and all of mine are still green green green!

    That salad looks amazing! I see why it's your current fav!

  14. Friday's salad sounds great! Looking forward to pics... :)

  15. Anonymous8/12/2009

    Tomatoes in season are the best ever and we like eating them dressed with olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper! Not looking forward to the hardy varietals we get in Fall and Winter :/ Your caprese salad looks lovely!