Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favorite Summer Memories & Weekly Meals (8/18 - 8/21)

I don't really feel like planning meals this week. Instead, why don't I just relive my favorite summer memories....
Okay, feeling better now... So here are this week's meals. :o) It's supposed to be hot this week, so I'll try to keep the cooking to a minimum...

Tuesday: Gazpacho - to use some of the tomatoes... :o)

Wednesday: Chicken salad with cranberries & walnuts on a bed of mixed greens.

Thursday: Vegetable sushi. I haven't made this in a while. I'll be experimenting a bit...

Friday: It's Salad Friday. We'll have a spinach salad with poached eggs.

Questions: What's your favorite summer memory so far this summer? Do you have any meals planned?

Be well,


  1. What great pics!

    Looking forward to seeing the Veggie Sushi- yum!

    We've had so many fun times this summer, I wish it would never end! My favorite has to be biking riding at the beach with my oldest daughter. Such a cool bonding time!

  2. Anonymous8/18/2009

    I remember all those pictures!! :)

    My mom has often said she's surprised with my raw food movement that I haven't made gazpacho yet. I'm going to have to try my hand at it! I should get on it ASAP while it's tomato season!

  3. That cake looks incredible!

    I have two favorite moments of summer. The first was a vacation to the Smokey Mountains with my parents. The other was walking through streams in Tunica Hills, Louisiana, with my boyfriend. Sadly, my summer is now over, but I remember it fondly!

  4. I too remember all those pics! you had a nice summer!

    probably my favorite "moment" because it wasn't a day...just an hour was taking JJ to the beach.... a few water fights.... and spending our first night away from home...OH and Star TREK....okay..that's it...I think!

    Can I come over for dinner Wednesday? Chicken salad sounds PERFECT

    we had a late night last night...grocery shopping and I picked up a roasted chicken; so I cooked some onions and we ate "street tacos" kinda boring but it hit the spot.

    I like that you plan but I know I had to give that one up! Maybe for FALL!

    THAT Caprese salad is killing me! I LOVE that dish!

  5. Awesome pictures and memories... :) My favorite summer memorie is a lazy afternoon at the beach!

  6. My favorite summer memory is camping with friends and visiting family.

  7. that tomato salad looks fantastic :)
    my favorite summer memories are going to the beach with the family for a week.

  8. ohhhh i can't wait to see the vegetarian sushi - i've always wanted to make my own but it seems so daunting. love the pics of the lil' punkin - too cute as always :)

  9. Anonymous8/18/2009

    My fave summer memory so far would have to be my birthday surprise in Hollwood, seeing Fiddler w/ Toepal!
    That cake looks awesome!

  10. Thanks for sharing those memories. It looks like you had a wonderful one!

    I wish I could plan my meals....I just know that if I planned pasta on wednesday by the time it came I wouldn't feel like it!

  11. Anonymous8/18/2009

    Love the summer memories!!

    And, the meal plan looks great- love the no-cook meal ideas on a hot week!

    My favorite memory so far is our B&B trip from this past weekend!

  12. Aw that's lovely!

    Biking. Walking. Drinking on the porch. Camping. Playing soccer...

    This summer is shaping up to producing lots of good memories!

  13. Anonymous8/18/2009

    I can’t wait to see that vegetable sushi! I love sushi of any form :)

    Wow, that cake looks amazing!!! Love the non-traditional décor (aka non-frosting), especially those almonds.

    I have too many favorite memories to say just one—this has been one of my best summers ever. I think the turning point though, was when I went on my church retreat.

  14. This summer has many memories that top the charts. I hope every summer dose. The beach is my favorite summer memory and every time i go again it just adds another one to the list. I love the beach.

  15. If that's carrot cake, that would be my favorite summer memory, for sure! haha. Actually I had carrot cake this summer, but it wasn't incredibly memorable (dry!! ugh).

    My best summer memory was the wedding I went to with Nick and his family (I had a good time, which isn't always the case with them...). Other than that I would say my first game of golf!

    P.S. I'm inviting myself over for dinner on Thursday, sounds delicious! Good luck with it.

  16. Anonymous8/18/2009

    Great pics and your planned meals sound fabulous!!

    My fave summer memory.. hmm.. not one in particular, just being able to hang out & relax with my kids. It's the life!

    I have no meals planned for this week but really should! Makes my life a LOT easier! lol!

  17. Yummy meal plan as always! :-) You are so inspiring to me!

    Best summer memory is swimming at my parents' and then eating shaved ice in the swing. So much fun!

  18. What awesome memories and your meals sound amazing! I have a couple favorite memories from this summer. I really enjoyed going to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, OR with my mom and just hanging out with my best friends on our little mini trips.
    My menue for the rest of the week includes chicken salads, lemon/citrus chicken, chicken quesadillas and soup and paninis. :)

  19. loooove the pics!! My best summer memories all involve setting up house with Austin - we've enjoyed ourselves while doing things we'd never done before and get a kick out of it!! My planned meals are over (only planned through Wednesday) - need to come up with something for the rest of the week -eek!