Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Girls' Afternoon Out

The other day, I got to catch up with a good friend of mine. We have been friends since our teenagers were toddlers - a long time. Unfortunately, life is quite busy, and we don't live that close to each other anymore, so we don't get to see each other very often.

But when we do see each other, we always have a wonderful time. We can talk about serious topics, laugh about silly things, and just relax. When we met, we also celebrated both of our birthdays. We tried a new restaurant, and the experience was fabulous.

The lunch started with bread and olive oil, but we honestly didn't touch it because we were too busy talking and catching up. Looking at the picture, I seriously regret that I didn't eat any of the bread and that I didn't try the olive oil...

My friend ordered the vegetable frittata. Doesn't the "garnish/salad" look fancy? The frittata was delicious. It was perfectly cooked and nicely seasoned.

I ordered that Ahi Tuna Steak. The dish was served with roasted vegetables and arugula. This was one of the best tuna dishes I have ever tasted, and I ate every last bite of it...

After lunch, we leisurely walked around the little town and did a little shopping. It was such a nice, fun, and relaxing afternoon, and I realized, once again, how lucky I am to have such a good friend.

Questions: When was the last time you got to hang out and have fun with one of your close friends? What did you do?

Be well,