Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Fruit to Start the Day

A little while ago I started to eat fruit first thing in the morning. After reading that one shouldn't eat fruit after eating other foods because of digestive problems that arise when fruit is combined with other food, I thought I'd give starting the day with a bowl of fruit a try. And I honestly love it.

I would have never thought that I'd enjoy fresh fruit and nothing else first thing in the morning so much, especially since I have never been a big "fruit person." I am still experimenting with when and what to eat after the fruit, but for now I'm just really glad that eating fruit first thing in the morning works really well for me. It leaves me feeling light and alert, and I don't have the "stomach issues" I used to have. And in case you were wondering what the fruit looks like, here is a picture...

Questions: Do you like fruit? What's your favorite fruit? What do you like to eat first thing in the morning?

Be well,