Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Tomato Grower (and Eater)

The toddler has been helping me grow our tomatoes since we planted them months ago. In fact, I think he thought I was crazy after we had just planted them, and I pointed to the tiny, green plants and kept on saying, "tomato," "tomato," "tomato." Since I love tomatoes so much, I was very excited and animated... Now, the toddler had certainly seen and eaten tomatoes. He knew what a tomato looked like. So of course he was totally confused when I pointed to these little green things that looked NOTHING like tomatoes. Plus, I practically jumped up and down, saying over and over and over again: "tomato," "tomato," "tomato."

Luckily, after a few months, there were actual, little green tomatoes on the plants, and I think the toddler realized that I was not (completely) crazy... At least, I hope that's what he realized...

Here are some pictures of my little tomato grower and harvester:
And my tomato eater! That's my boy! :o)
Questions: What was the most recent summer fruit or vegetable that you have eaten? How did you eat it? (And you thought I would ask you another tomato question, didn't you?!!)

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  1. I love our tomato plants and this year we have a roma plant producing like crazy. Last night we had a fresh tomato pesto-- yum!

  2. Awh, your little one is way too cute!
    The latest fruit / veggie I have eaten was in a green monster smoothie... a banana and spinach.

  3. Love the pics of the little tomato grower!

  4. So cute. That's really great that he's liking them. Get them to eat their veggies when they're young. ;-)

  5. Yummy tomatoes! :)

    So impressed with your toddler! It's a miracle for me to get my daughter to eat a carrot stick anymore! i miss the days where she didn't have opinions and ate whatever I put in front of her.. haha

    I actually just had a big ol salad with tomatoes! :)

  6. LOVE THE PICS! too too cute! I actually just scarfed down a pre-workout sandwich with hummus, ham, lite swiss and 4 tomato slices!! :) Happy sunday!

  7. He's SO SO cute!! I always tell Nick that my brother, Joseph, was the cutest little boy I've ever seen (and yes, I may be slightly biased, but he REALLY WAS) but your may be tied on the cuteness level, especially the pictures where he is eating, he's so precious!

    Ok, in season fruits and veggies? Hmm.. well I haven't really done anything with any in season F/V lately (unless you count mushroom, brussel sprouts, or red peppers..) but I did have blueberry pie ice cream from a local ice cream shop last night, and it was some of the best ice cream I've ever eaten!!!

  8. Anonymous8/16/2009

    I eat anything and everything that's in season! lol! I am a big tomato freak though.. I ran out yesterday and was so bummed that I went for a walk in the almost 40C weather here today to get more! LOL!! It was worth it! Yum!!!

  9. What a precious tomato picker!

    I've been eating fresh figs lately.. in yogurt messes!

  10. oh my gosh...he is seriously SO CUTE. i love the lil tomato lover. the last fresh thing i ate was probably the locally grown green pepper - crunchy and delicious!

    that pasta salad from the last post looked soooo good too - hope you had a fabulous weekend andrea!

  11. wow! maybe your little one can give me some tips for my own tomato plant when it comes time to harvest...

  12. UMMMM....FIGS....yup....FIGS.

    lil LOVING those maters! I love getting kids out in nature! it's SO REWARDING...for both parents AND kids!

  13. Im soooo good with the summer fruits and veggies.
    what I am NOT GOOD AT is utilizing the space in our yard where we could plant our own.

    great point that my 3 yo would LOVE "helping" me...

  14. Anonymous8/17/2009

    He is so cute!!

    I had yellow cherry tomatoes from my grandfather's garden...they were amazing!

  15. Anonymous8/17/2009

    Great way to encourage the little ones to eat fresh.

  16. Very adorable little tomato grower! Love yellow cherry tomatoes!