Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Tomato Grower (and Eater)

The toddler has been helping me grow our tomatoes since we planted them months ago. In fact, I think he thought I was crazy after we had just planted them, and I pointed to the tiny, green plants and kept on saying, "tomato," "tomato," "tomato." Since I love tomatoes so much, I was very excited and animated... Now, the toddler had certainly seen and eaten tomatoes. He knew what a tomato looked like. So of course he was totally confused when I pointed to these little green things that looked NOTHING like tomatoes. Plus, I practically jumped up and down, saying over and over and over again: "tomato," "tomato," "tomato."

Luckily, after a few months, there were actual, little green tomatoes on the plants, and I think the toddler realized that I was not (completely) crazy... At least, I hope that's what he realized...

Here are some pictures of my little tomato grower and harvester:
And my tomato eater! That's my boy! :o)
Questions: What was the most recent summer fruit or vegetable that you have eaten? How did you eat it? (And you thought I would ask you another tomato question, didn't you?!!)

Be well,