Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Lunch at Discretion Brewing

One of our favorite lunch spots on the coast is Discretion Brewing in Soquel. The small kitchen makes very flavorful, fresh, seasonal dishes, and eating there is a real treat. We like to go right at opening and enjoy being able to get brunch as well as lunch items. Following are some dishes from a recent visit with a group of friends.

One of our friends enjoyed the fried quail with the buttermilk waffles - a tasty take on chicken and waffles.

We also added pork belly to a bunch of the dishes we ordered. And for a good reason! The pork belly at Discretion is amazing. We got the pork belly sliders, a Caesar salad with pork belly and a risotto with pork belly. Deliciousness all around. 

The charcuterie board was also a hit.

 Finally, we got some panna cotta with berries, a lovely way to end the meal.

We'll be back soon!