Sunday, January 13, 2019

Favorite Winter Wardrobe Purchases

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I haven't added many new items to my wardrobe this fall and winter. But three items I bought, I can't imagine being without because I wear them all the time.

1. Faux Leather Leggings with a Ponte Back (currently only available in plus sizes)

I love these inexpensive faux leather leggings just as much - or even more - then my much more expensive pair. I have worn them countless times - one may wonder if I own any other pants or leggings - and they are like new. The ponte back really makes them comfortable, more breathable and adds interest.

2. Grey sweater with red stripes and a small heart (covered by the scarf)

To be honest, I originally ordered the sweater as a Christmas gift for my nephew's girlfriend. But when it arrived, I fell in love with it and decided to keep it and buy another one for her. It's become one of my favorite sweaters. It's loose but still has a nice shape, and I love the stripes and the heart.

3. Pink Scarf (currently only available in grey; if it goes on sale again - I bought the pink one on major sale - I'll buy it in grey as well as I love it so much)

I know I've posted about the scarf before, but it's my absolute favorite, and I have to try hard not to wear it every day. I just love the color and the fact that it's so warm and comfortable.


Questions: Which items have you added to your fall/winter wardrobe? What's your favorite? Why?

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  1. Those leggings are fantastic. They look great on you. I bought a knitted dress that I absolute love, do easy to wear! Have Great Sunday!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! It feels so good when you buy something that you absolutely love, doesn't it?! I'm sorting through my wardrobe again and am trying hard to only add items that are perfect and that I'll love for a long time!

  2. It's the best feeling to actually LOVE the things you buy. And sometimes they aren't the items you thought you'd love so much....that's the funny part!!

    1. Yes!!! So true! The unexpected wardrobe workhorses make you feel the best!

  3. I got tickled that you said you try not to wear this scarf everyday. I bought - on a whim - a chunky knit, open weave, oversized sweater two weeks ago and it could easily become a uniform for me! I want to wear it everyday. It is so easy and warm. Love your pink scarf and how easy it is to pair with other pieces. Of course, your great faux leather leggings inspired me to bite the bullet and buy some, too. Great photos and really pretty graphic. Go ahead and wear that darling scarf all you want! You wear it so well.

    1. Haha! Thanks, Leslie! I'm sure people are getting sick and tired of the pink scarf, but I don't really care... ;-)