Sunday, May 20, 2018

Visiting Lake Tahoe in May

Last weekend, we drove to South Lake Tahoe with my aunt. She very much enjoyed the drive from the Bay Area and the ever-changing scenery. And of course she loved the beautiful views there.

We arrived just a bit before sunset and made sure to experience it right on the shore.

It's always fun to hang out with Mark Twain a bit. 

Andy and I always take some hotel room mirror selfies...

We stayed in a comfortable two bedroom unit with a kitchen and big dining room table, where we enjoyed most of our meals.

Rain was forecast for Saturday, but we made sure to get out early to go on the Van Sickle hike to enjoy the beautiful trail and the views of the lake.

Andy pointed out that I didn't quite wear a hiking outfit, but for the relatively short hike it worked out well. We only walked from our hotel to the trail head (about 1.5 miles) and then to the Vista Point. Hikers can also hike to a small waterfall (about 1.1 miles from the trail head or all the way to the top - we did that hike several years ago, and it's a quite strenuous hike that takes several hours each way, but you are rewarded with fabulous views).

We finished the hike before it started raining and went to Base Camp Pizza Co. 

It's a fun place with delicious hummus, salads and pizza.