Monday, March 3, 2014

Cleaning Things Up for Spring with a Conscious Cleanse

I eat pretty healthy year-round, including during the holidays and on “special occasions.” But even after years of maintaining a pretty substantial weight loss and being mindful every day of what I eat, it’s easy for little “extras” to slip back into my diet. And those “extras” often don’t make me feel my best.

My “extras” are usually the following: a bit too much dairy (I LOVE cheese), a few extra pieces of dark chocolate (which becomes problematic once it turns into a bit too much of a daily habit), and condiments (ketchup and sriracha being my favorites – it’s scary how much sugar sauces can add…). And all these extras slowly but surely contribute to me not feeling my best.

I’m therefore looking forward to cleaning up my eating again a bit by doing the April Conscious Cleanse, starting on April 5th! 

When I did the Conscious Cleanse for the first time in January 2013 it was truly life-changing. I know that’s a big statement, but it’s true as I had been suffering from gluten- and egg-intolerances, which left me miserable after pretty much every meal and really affected me all day long and even my sleep. Eliminating numerous common allergens during the cleanse allowed me to confirm my intolerances to eggs and gluten when I re-introduced them at the end of the cleanse.

Before doing the Conscious Cleanse, I never thought I would do a cleanse as I didn’t like the idea of not eating. But the Conscious Cleanse is different as it is a food-based cleanse. Also, everyone can customize the cleanse to individual food preferences. That is, you can do the cleanse being vegan, eating grains or not, and even eating some meat and fish.

I have done the Conscious Cleanse several more times since my first cleanse, and while my results were never quite as “life-changing” again as the first time, the cleanse leaves me feeling great every time. I learn something new about myself and my body every time I do the cleanse, even if it is something “small,” like making and eating different cashew and other nut “cheeses” as a dairy alternative.

The cleanse is always a great time for me to work on my overall well-being, which goes well beyond food. For example, I make more time for journaling during the cleanse. Cleansing also always inspires me to clean up and organize my surroundings more. I think in a way spring is the perfect time for a cleanse as the urge to clean “comes with the season.” 

Registration for the April Conscious Cleanse starts today, Monday, March 3. Now through Sunday, March 16 you can get $25 off registration with code EBCC414. Click here for more information and to register.

Questions: Are you going to “clean anything up” for spring? Besides doing the Conscious Cleanse, I plan on cleaning out my closet, several kitchen drawers as well as some “miscellaneous” closets and storage areas in the next few weeks. Getting organized always makes me feel a lot better and feels very calming. In addition, I’m looking forward to getting our little garden ready for spring. I will definitely have to do some cleaning out there…

Be well,