Monday, December 5, 2011

Herby Double Cheese Crackers

Life has been busy. I have been fighting a bad cold and have not been feeling well all weekend. Teaching my class today was a challenge. I haven’t cooked much. Apparently, I have also resorted to writing simple sentences. But now you have a short, simple update on my life!

Anyway, last week, I was looking for a super easy appetizer to bring to our friends’ house, and I remembered some crackers I made during the holidays last year. They were very popular and extremely easy to make. I actually prepared the goat cheese mixture at home and assembled the crackers at our friends’ house.

Herby Double Cheese Crackers

  • Crackers
  • Goat cheese
  • Chives, chopped
  • Salt and pepper
  • Shaved Parmesan cheese
  1. Mix the goat cheese with the chives and salt and pepper.
  2. Spread the goat cheese mixture onto the crackers.
  3. Top with Parmesan cheese.
That’s it!

Yes, super easy yet surprisingly tasty due to the different flavors: nice tanginess from the goat cheese, herby freshness from the chives, and a nice nutty flavor from the Parmesan cheese.

Questions: What’s your favorite super easy appetizer? Feel free to link to a recipe in the comments.

Be well,


  1. Yummy! My favorite appetizer is actually even simpler than this (if you can believe it!): shrimp cocktail!

  2. Love how easy this appetizer is! And, how can you go wrong with 2 types of cheese on crackers??? I like goat cheese topped with cranberry salsa or jalapeno jelly OR brie baked with butterscotch schnapps and cinnamon, then served with sliced apples. So good! Feel better soon so you can get back to the #DecFit challenge :-)

  3. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. It looks very easy indeed but I don't like goat cheese very much but I think you can use cream cheese too.

  5. I was just thinking about how I hadn't read a post form you in a while, just I know why! I hope you feel better.
    Lately I've been resorting to buying cheese balls in the cheese area where I work. They are AWESOME and make a very simple appetizer for guests. I know I'm cheating, but it's easy. Your apps sound pretty great too, and not difficult, so thanks for sharing! I've been getting NIck to eat goat cheese lately, which is pretty awesome.

  6. @Lara: Andy LOVES shrimp cocktail! :)
    @EA: Love your appetizer ideas! May have to borrow some of them! :) Hope to be able to do "something" for the #DecFit challenge today. I'm feeling okay right now. Hope it stays that way until tonight...
    @Simply Life: Thanks!
    @Fran: Yes, you could use cream cheese!
    @Gina: I saw a pic of the cheese ball that you posted on FB I think. Looked VERY tasty! And I think "cheating" a bit but keeping yourself "sane" this time of year is totally okay! :)

  7. When I need a good appetizer, my no fail shrimp cocktail is always a hit - the key is to get the shrimp out of the water at the right temp - plump and delicious every time! And you can make them ahead of time. :D

  8. Mmmmm those look like such a treat! Definitely an app I'd serve for friends + family.

  9. These are right up my alley! I love cheese, especially goat cheese! What a great idea.
    For easy appetizers, I love putting out various cheeses, fruit, and crackers.:)

  10. @Biz: I'll have to make your shrimp cocktail for Andy! It's his favorite appetizer!
    @Heather: They are a treat! :)
    @Kristen: Cheese, fruit, and crackers is definitley one of my go-to appetizers!

  11. What a wonderful and delicious appetizer! I hope you feel better soon.

  12. This looks wonderful Andrea. Not wonderful that you weren't well. HOpe you are well on your way to being back to 100%.

  13. @Pam: Thanks!
    @Roz: I'm feeling better. Thanks.
    @Grateful Hubby: Thought that would get your attention! ;)

  14. Yuck! I hope you feel better! Looks like you are from your comment above.

    Two of my favorite cheeses together? Oh yeah! :) Simple is just a perk!

  15. Hi Andrea! I hope you're feeling much better.

    I made acorn squash today. And I roasted the seeds per your blog's advice. It was all very easy and turned out so well. This is actually my second set of acorn squash because it's yum. I probably would not have made a new kind of squash without you first making it seem easier than I ever imagined.

    :-) Marion

  16. I'm a huge Parmesan fan. Hubby had a work party tonight and they had horseradish cheddar that looked like mozzarella but was spicy. Delicious, I'm dying to try it.

  17. These sounds good. Ryan has been eating crackers with cheese and a little mustard for a snack before work. Seems like a cracker time of year. My favorite easy app would be hummus. Yum, I could go for some know, but I used all my chickpeas two days ago for a pot luck dish.

  18. @Nicole: Yes, I'm better but still not great. And, yes, cheese is pretty much always good, right!?!
    @Marion: Glad the squash worked out!
    @FitnessSurfer: The horseradish cheddar cheese sounds good!
    @Melinda: I love hummus and how easily it can be flavored different ways.

  19. The crackers sounds fabulous. Especially with the shaved Parm. I just love that. I hope you're feeling much better, Andrea!

  20. Andrea, hoping you are feeling better!

    Double cheese? Sounds great!

    These look wonderful, thank you for sharing them with us.

  21. Sorry you're sick, I really think chives make everything better. I love Ina Garten's baked fontina, nitrite-free bacon wrapped dates and sweet potato hummus, those are my current favorites.

  22. @Krista: Yes, shaved Parmesan is soooo good! :)
    @Biana: Double cheese can't be bad, right? ;)
    @Lauren: The bacon wrapped dates sound good!

  23. Anonymous12/09/2011

    favorite appetizer of all time: hummus with warm pita bread! :)

  24. @balancejoyanddelicias: I love hummus.