Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Veggie Love

Yesterday's lunch was a spinach salad with a poached egg, leftover roasted veggies from the night before, and a bit of garlic hummus. Soooo good. And, nobody had to tell me to eat my veggies, just as it should be! :o)

Questions: What did you have for lunch yesterday?

Be well,


  1. Oooh, I love the idea of the poached egg on the salad! Looks delicious!

    My lunch yesterday was delicious as well, it was a "make your own" salad from a local deli, except I accidentally left off the feta cheese, the best part! :(

  2. I never tried poached egg on a salad! That sounds good!

    I had a Southwest Chicken Salad yesterday with black beans, corn, leftover grilled chicken and tomatoes. Really good!

  3. Anonymous9/01/2009

    Poached egg on salad sounds strangely delicious... I love the idea of a yolk dresing.

    Yesterday I made a pasta salad with tuna and an Italian tomato basil dressing (on a mound of spinach and coleslaw mix!)

  4. Glad you liked the new exercises. Thanks for visiting. Appreciate it.

    Yummy salad, making me hungry.

    Yesterday I had a toasted tuna fish sandwich and I mixed in 1 tablespoon of dried cranberries and of course I had a salad with it.

    I think I will have salad with an egg today.:)

  5. Great looking poached egg on the salad! Yesterday my lunch was very simple, a piece of whole grain Great Harvest bread, with butter. I also had a large bowl of cooked veggies with melted cheese, so delicious.

  6. yesterday's lunch....sigh

    It was at the office and all I could "concoct" out of my bag of goodies was a taco, made of Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted wheat tortilla, and guacamole made with raw corn and avo and a splash of some hot sauce I found in the kitchen.

    (surprisingly tasty) but weird. I could have eaten more.

    some days are like that... funky.

    dinner was not much better but my head just wasnt' into cooking.

    your salad looks wonderful. wanna trade? :)

  7. LOVED your post about kids + vegetables yesterday. my mom had the same mentality, and to this day, there are very few veggies i don't like.

    fast forward to today...salad. drool. poached egg. that is one of the BEST combos. i always feel so French when I eat it :)

  8. Okay, considering how much I LOVE poached eggs, I NEED to try this :)

    Yesterday I had some leftover meatloaf on an ezekiel muffin to make a yummy meatloaf sandwich :) Had it with my VEGGIES ;) Twas very good!!!

  9. Yummy! That looks absolutely delicious!

    Yesterday for lunch... I had a salad and some leftover spaghetti and meat sauce. It was yummy and not too unhealthy...

  10. Mmm...I love the little pool of yolk in the center there. Love it!

  11. Anonymous9/01/2009

    Yum! Looks good! You know I never put egg in my salads... no idea why, but eggs are always the "main attraction" in my meals.. lol! Yesterday was a "snacky" day, so had some of this, and some of that!

    PS - read your post yesterday, and you're SOOO right! Loved it & it definitely made me think seeing as I have a daughter who won't touch veggies... :(

  12. Nice plate!! I never put egg in my salads either!! May be another to try.... :)

    Yesterday I had For the Love of Cooking's Baked Penne and Meatball Pasta - nom nom nom.

  13. I had half of one of those little bitty watermelons! So good!

  14. I have been thinking of you...

    The salad looks good! I love the runny egg... :)

  15. Anonymous9/01/2009

    poached egg on salads sounds great! :D
    I had a big yummy salad with avocado yesterday (and almost every day)

  16. Anonymous9/01/2009

    Still can't stand runny eggs, but my husband loves them that way. I finally watched a youtube.com video to figure out how to poach an egg - I am a much better visual learner than reading about it!

    I had my homemade Panera broccoli cheese soup - I hope you do make it, you'll love it!

  17. Anonymous9/01/2009

    Nobody's telling this lady to eat her veggies either! Veggie sandwich for lunch yesterday, a mondo tossed salad today! Veggies rule and make me drool!

  18. What a genius idea! I've put hardboiled eggs in salads, but never poached! I love it!!!

  19. Anonymous9/01/2009

    I love poached eggs with veggies!!! I have it on most days of the week for lunch (had it today), but I didn't have it yesterday--I had a tuna salad and zucchini pasta :)

  20. Ooh, that perfect egg really seals the deal.