Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Week's Meals Recap & Weekly Meals (9/15 - 9/18)

I got a few e-mails lately regarding my weekly meals. Some of you pointed out that they would like to see pictures of the meals. Unfortunately, dinner time is usually a bad time for me to take pictures... The toddler is often cranky, hubby just gets home from work, the teenager is preoccupied with his own "stuff"... So I'm not sure how many pictures I'll be able to take and share, but I'll try.

While I'm not sure I can share many pictures, I think I'll briefly recap how the meals went the week before, and what worked and what didn't work.

Last week, planning what to do with the leftovers was by far the best thing I have done in a long time. I felt so good that we ate and enjoyed all the leftovers.

Unfortunately, I only took a picture of the chicken salad and none of the other meals...

There was a also a slight change in meals as I was busy with "work stuff" Friday afternoon, and we ended up eating at my in-laws. So I didn't experiment with the cabbage salads, which I'll do this week.

And here are this week's meals:

Tuesday: Tomato soup with homemade garlic croutons. I still have lots of tomatoes, and I look forward to making this soup...

Wednesday: "Andrea's Kimchi Stew" with chicken. I won't even call it kimchi jjigae as I don't want to get in trouble. I know it's far from authentic... :o) But to me it's true comfort food...

Thursday: Vegetable fried rice with garlic, onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, & bell peppers.

Friday: It's "Salad Friday." I'll try to experiment with cabbage salads again...

Questions: What was your favorite meal last week? Why was it your favorite meal?

Be well,