Thursday, September 3, 2009

Delicious Cheese

The other day I discovered that Whole Foods has a little basket with various small pieces of cheese near the prepared sandwich section. They call it "Bits & Pieces," and a sign says the cheese is perfect for sandwiches. I love looking through the basket and usually find a small, "interesting" piece of cheese for a very reasonable price (each pieces usually costs about $1.00 or $2.00). While I love cheese, I only try to eat a little bit at a time, so one small piece a week is about perfect... :o)

The other day we had some friends over, so I bought four pieces instead of one. Everyone loved the cheeses.

Here is what I got: 9 months aged Gouda, Raw Milk Monterey Jack, Raw Emmentaler, Habanero Monterey Jack
And here are the cheeses with some red & green grapes, tomatoes, almonds & breadsticks
Question: What's your favorite type of cheese? When was the last time you ate cheese?

Be well,