Friday, September 4, 2009

Just Say No

What's your beverage of choice? For me the answer is water. I love water. Sometimes I add some fruit or cucumber slices to make it "more interesting." But I love simple, plain old water.

I have always liked water, and I have always drunk a lot of water. I drink a lot of liquids, just ask hubby; he is still astounded by the amount of liquids I make disappear in a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, water was not the only thing I drank a lot of; I also drank a lot of Diet Coke. And by a lot, I mean a LOT.

It started when we went out. I would get refill after refill after refill. More than one server commented on the huge amounts of Diet Coke I was drinking. And then we started to buy it for home. We bought the huge case at Costco, but it didn't last very long as I had several cans a day... Sometimes we bought two cases at a time... When we went to my in-laws, I had at least one, often two, Diet Cokes.

I knew what I was doing wasn't healthy, but I somehow thought I couldn't stop. But guess what? I could. Here is how I weaned myself off Diet Coke:
  • I started by not buying Diet Coke for the house anymore.
  • When I ordered a coke in a restaurant, I was mindful of how much I was drinking, and I limited myself to one refill.
  • After a while, I took a second to think before I ordered to see if I really wanted a Diet Coke. I realized that sometimes I really didn't.
  • I just drank water when going to restaurants.
  • I stopped drinking Diet Coke at my in-laws. Somehow, this habit was the last to go and the hardest to break... In my mind, being at my in-laws was connected to drinking Diet Coke.
I haven't had a Diet Coke in a long time, and I truly don't miss it. In fact, these days I cringe at the thought of Diet Coke...

Questions: What's your beverage of choice? Is there a habit that you have broken? How did you change what you were doing? Is there a habit you should change?

Be well,


  1. Right now I would say my beverage of choice is used to me coke, not even diet!
    It was HARD to stop drinking but now I don't buy it, I don't order it and I just don't drink it!

  2. Anonymous9/04/2009

    My hubby and I used to be avid Diet Coke drinkers as well. When I made conscious choices to eat healthier, that was one thing I cut out of my diet. Hubby still drinks it once in a while, but maybe one a day, tops. I can't stand the taste of the aspartame anymore, and it makes me feel weird. If I want a soda, it has to be once a month or so, and it's a cane sugar or naturally sweetened soda. My beverage of choice is water (99% of my drinking), followed by tea and coffee.

  3. My beverage of choice is water too!

    I am trying to break the habit of eating sweets with every meal...

  4. I do okay with water, but I have found I really like some flavor. So I will have water, and add some lemon to it. That makes me happier than just plain water!!

    I had to wean myself off diet coke too - but I have a confession. When I was losing all my weight, I drank it all the time. (I know - that's bad, but it's the truth!)

  5. I wish I loved water - it's great and I love it after a long run in the heat, but I drink a lot of it knowing how important it is, but definitely don't "love" it. I also used to drink about 1 diet coke per day. I never did until college when I worked at a restaurant and it was free and the caffeine made a noticeable difference in those long nights - but then I got hooked and had to get "unhooked." In this past year, I also stopped drinking my morning coffee just to make sure I was getting addicted. I still have it sometimes, and usually just buy decaf now, but do enjoy it just not "as the only way to start my day." Thanks for the great post!

  6. I like water...but the ones with bubbles :-)

  7. ive cut down my DC too - and now when i drink it, it upsets my tummy. however, now i use it as a treat for once in awhile!

  8. Hmmm...this reminds me of my "coffee addiction". As I said in my post, I used to drink about 8 cups of coffee a day (yikes, I know). This summer, starting in May, I started cutting this down and now I am at 5 cups a day (400 mg caffeine). I am happy with this, and I feel great. Obviously if I ever plan to have children, I'll need to cut this down more (ugh), but until then I am proud of myself for deleting those three extra cups! And, good for you for getting over the Diet Coke and sticking with water!

  9. Anonymous9/04/2009

    I've always been a water drinker.. never liked pop, juice is too sweet, etc... I do on occasion have an iced tea or an unsweetened grapefruit juice.. yum!

  10. water is for sure my BOC. i drink at least a gallon a day! i quit the soda quite awhile ago and i have NEVER liked diet sodas, they taste so horrible to me. but i smoked cigarettes before, quit cold turkey. and now i think the only habit i need to break is the fact that i don't take my contacts out for months at a time.....

  11. Water is my #1 for sure! I have a diet pepsi a day at most - sometimes none, and when when I drink I have vodka/SF redbull or beer! haha Sometimes I wish I drank fewer diet pepsis, but i'm okay with the amount for now. I think i'm just glad i've never drank coffee!

  12. Anonymous9/04/2009

    My beverage of choice is either kombucha, coffee, or water. Usually water for $$$'s sake :)

    I used to use a ton of splenda in everything, but gently weaned off of it by adding agave instead. Now I use less and less agave in coffee.

    I have a habit of eating snacks/something sweet right after meals even though I'm full. I've been trying to change that for years, but not working so well :/

  13. wow great job giving up the coke, oh and I drink a lot of water as well its so satisfying love your blog, keep up the good work getting healthier Rebecca

  14. I love orange juice! And I know that's not the worst thing in the world to drink, especially since I get the all natural kind, but it's still so sugary! I've started drinking less. My other favorites are water and skim milke. LOVE milk!

  15. I would have to say water is my beverage of choice. Sometimes I do just want I go find some fruity thing but it's not often

    I have an addiction to my daily cup or two of coffee. I try to omit it but I just don't feel it's that huge an evil...yet.

    that and CANDY is my biggest addiction...gummy worms, starburst... nibble nibble... it took me a while but this year I finally kicked it. Now it's just a bite once in a blue moon


  16. I was a HUGE diet coke drinker too. But now, my drink of choice is water. I gave up everything but water (and the VERY occasional tea or beer).

    My husband made a comment about how much soda I drank, and how he hoped my daughter wasn't addicted to it like I am. That word, addiction... it helped me to realize what a HUGE problem I had with it.

    Somehow I just quit. I quit drinking it and didn't look back. Then I gave up juice a few weeks later when I realized how much I didn't miss soda. That was back in April of this year, and I'm doing great and soda/juice free!

  17. Anonymous9/05/2009

    my favorite drink is also water. I've never been big diet soda drinker because it bloat me, but sometimes when I wanted something tasty, I'd have diet coke or any other diet drink. But now I find them disgusting, too sweet and the taste afterward is just bad. I'm glad that I could finally get over with them because I know it's not good to have so much artificial sweetener in my system.

  18. hmmm...that's tough one. i'd have to say coffee for me. and my habit is drinking too much coffee. :)

  19. Hi, great article. I would agree with you water is #1 for me too, whether tap or unflavored unsweetened sparkling water. When I lived in the states I too always drank soft drinks or "sugar water" as I like to call them, but I haven't had a soft drink in 5 years. I even dilute my juices, don't like the sugar. I agree of feel the same way and too cringe at the site or smell of soft drinks , yuck.

  20. Anonymous9/05/2009

    Water is my beverage of choice. I was never in the habit of diet sodas, but I did drink regular soda once in a while. After a while, I completely knocked out soda in my life and replaced it with sparkling water.

  21. My beverage of choice is also water. (Well a cervecita, here and again is also good, lol!) One of things I definitely need to change and need help on is not eating after 8pm. I would love to be done by then but for some reason I love that snack right before bed which ends up just sitting in me :( Way to go on the Diet Coke!!

  22. Man, I totally need to do that too!

    I have a serious problem with diet pop too! I will buy one if I go to the store, I'll buy some for the house, I'll have one at work. I've thought about how much money I would save not drinking the darn stuff! I think I just have to go cold turkey!!

    You've inspired me....

  23. Diet Coke.
    But not that many.

  24. Oh Andrea... I so wish this was me. I haven't touched on the subject of my diet soda addiction (and yes, I think it's an addiction for me!)... some days, I'm beyond ready to give them up. And I have in the past... for months... and end up drinking them again.

    I drink water... at least two liters a day... but it's forced. I'm not a water person! I've doctored it up every which way... still not my favorite!