Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time to Assess

Over the past few days, several bloggers have assessed their 2010 goals, and I realized that I hadn't looked at my goals in almost a month. It's time to look at them and see how I'm doing:
  • Continue to incorporate my 2009 goals into my life – I will continue to focus on my family and on trying to keep us all happy and healthy - Still doing this!
  • Make green juice at least four times per week, preferably more often - I have to admit that I didn't quite make it four times every week; I'll work on this a bit harder...
  • Take an exercise class; I have been avoiding this for far too long… I plan on trying out some classes in February after the “January gym craziness”…- It's February and time to get serious about this one!
  • Hike at least once per month - Fail. I didn't go hiking (at least not a "real" hike) in January...
  • Find a better blog/life balance – I love this blog and the blogging world, but it can take up too much of my time. In the next few weeks, I will experiment with some “blogging rules” for myself…- I still need to work on this one... I have not been so successful with my blogging rules, but I have been better about not letting blogging interfere with my sleep. I go to sleep rather than force myself to stay up; seems logical, but sometimes I stayed up way too late to catch up on everyone... 
My mom is coming to visit later this week, so I get to play tourist a bit in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'll try to take you all along on some of our outings... We'll probably eat out a bit more often, and I have some fun "foodie" outings planned. But my blogging schedule will probably be a bit less frequent.

I am not planning meals this week, but we have a big pot of butternut squash soup that I made on Sunday night, tortillas, cheese, and lots of lettuce and veggies in the fridge.  I think dinner will somehow "make itself"... That's of course not true, but we'll survive. Some Amy's frozen food may have also found its way into our freezer... I am trying to get caught up with work before my mom comes, and there is also lots to be done around the house...

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Questions: Did you write down 2010 goals? If so, how are you doing? What's one thing you have changed recently (goal or not)? Do you do a lot of cleaning and/or organizing before you mom/family/friends visit(s)?

Be well,