Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day

The toddler went to “Movie Night” last night, so we got to enjoy an “adult dinner.” We went to a modern Chinese restaurant and enjoyed a very nice meal. The lighting was very bad, and my photos didn’t turn out very well, but the food was really good… :-) Here is what we had (we didn’t eat the roses, but they were pretty so I had to take a photo…):

Lettuce wraps
Valentines Day 08

Chicken Salad
Valentines Day 07
Valentines Day 09

Valentines Day 10

Brown Rice
Valentines Day 11

After we picked up the toddler, we stopped by the cupcake place, and the toddler got to enjoy a mini cupcake… :-) We don't let him have one very often, so it was a very special treat for him...

Valentines Day 12

Today, we'll start the day with some sparkling wine with POM Wonderful juice (POM sent us the juice to sample a few weeks ago). The drink is the perfect color for Valentine’s Day, and it tastes great! The photo is from the other day… :-)

Questions: Do you like Valentine’s Day? How are you celebrating? I’m not the biggest fan of the commercial side of Valentine’s Day, but I think there is nothing wrong with letting others know how much they mean to you…  Also, the toddler got to experience his first Valentine’s party at preschool and loved every second of it, which changed my view a bit… :-)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be well,