Sunday, February 21, 2010

Produce, Flowers, and Toddler Activities

Sorry for the sporadic posts lately. I hope to get back to a more consistent schedule soon. Here are a few updates…

We received another CSA delivery:

CSA Feb 01

Here is what we got and what I’ll use it for:
  • Apples - eat
  • Oranges – eat
  • Pears – eat
  • Lemons – salad dressing & juice
  • Broccoli – steamed
  • Collard Greens – sautéed
  • Butternut Squash – soup
  • Baby Bok Choy – sautéed
  • Butter Lettuce – salad with radishes
  • Carrots – raw with hummus
  • Parsley – I was excited to see the parsley, which is kind of funny as I used to seriously dislike parsley when I was younger. I’ll use the parsley to make parsley potatoes, a dish my mom used to make often when I was little (and I would always try to pick out ALL the parsley…).
  • Fingerling Potatoes
  • Banana Potatoes
Hubby picked up these beautiful daffodils while he was shopping at Trader Joe’s. Thank you, hubby! :-)

CSA Feb 02

Finally, here are a few of the toddler’s new favorite things…

CSA Feb 03
CSA Feb 04
CSA Feb 05

Questions: Is there an herb, spice, or vegetable you didn’t used to like but now like? As I mentioned above, I used to seriously dislike parsley but now enjoy it very much. I also didn’t like beets and olives but now like them a lot.
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  1. I used to only like the stems of broccoli. I found the tops mushy. Now I like the whole piece. Spinach is another that I used to hate and now love.

    That is a fresh looking CSA delivery. I love parsley with tomatoes...

  2. I didn't like mushrooms very much until I got married and started eating them more!

  3. Your produce delivery looks amazing! I love having a ton of veggies in the house and your CSA seems to give you a good variety.

    I think vegetables in general I wasn't a big fan of growing up. I remember my mom always telling me and my brothers than we had to eat them. Now veggies are my favorite, especially brussels sprouts!

  4. What a great box you have! I hated all veggies except green beans for a long time, but now I do like them all - except brussell spouts.

  5. I am beginning to warm up to olives. I used to detest them. My daughter got me going with her blue cheese stuffed black olives at our Christmas dinners.

  6. Does all that stuff come to you looking so beautiful? It's just stunning produce. Every picture looks like art. You are so lucky to live where you live and take advantage of such an abundance of fresh food.

    I never used to like cilantro. If something showed up with cilantro on it, I'd grieve. Now I love it. All it took was this beautiful fresh bruschetta made with cilantro. I couldn't get enough of it and ever since then, I love it.

    It's so important to keep trying foods. You never know when your taste will change or when a certain preparation will tip the scales.

    Except for olives. Olives are gross. :P

  7. Anonymous2/21/2010

    That's a great produce delivery! I was just thinking earlier about how I really dislike cilantro, but used to love it. I didn't used to like paprika, and now I add it to everything (so good with hummus!) I also hated brussel sprouts until I tried them roasted and now I can't get enough of them :D

  8. hopscotch was the best! it is so fun to see him enjoying such simple things in life :)

  9. I was never a fan of onions growing up but they have definitely grown on me! I can't handle them raw, but I cook them in quite a bit of things!!

  10. Parsley from CSAs usually is a boat load, even if you like it, it's a ton! It's also good in juicing if you do juice at all.

    Boy choy,parsnips, turnips, odd greens....were all things that growing up in the midwest i didnt have much or any of and that when i joined my csa in san diego, it opened my eyes to a whole new world!

  11. Nothing like looking at fresh beautiful produce. I remember the days when I was little and I used to ride those little kiddie ride. Well, I can't remember most, but there have been picture proof of them. hehehe...

  12. Anonymous2/21/2010

    That is some great CSA loot! My CSA sucked last year. Gorgeous flowers too! :D

    Almost everything I eat now I never ate until my 30's! The only vegetable I ate as a child was a cucumber! Now I can' live without spaghetti squash and baby spinach!

  13. Wonderful looking produce. I am glad I am able to provide you with a mini vacation. I am truly lucky to have the experience I am living in right now because it is amazing and one not many people get because this is such a small base. As always the toddler is adorable.

  14. I'm loving all of your pics, especially the flowers!

  15. Actually I used to hate parsley too!! Now I don't LOVE it, but I curely don't pick it off of my food. I also used to hate pepper, which is strange. Another thing I hated was tomato on pizza (random, not a spice, I know) specifically when the little skins would peal up and be left on the pizza, you know what I mean? Now I love it!

    Have a great Monday Andrea. The flowers are gorgeous! Spring is so close...

  16. Those daffodils are beautiful :)

    I had the usual child dislikes of olives/capers etc that I now love, but there are also some things that I've only grown to like recently - cucumber for instance. Used to detest up until last year it and quite like it now. Weird.

  17. That sounds and looks wonderful. I'm actually in the process of getting a job with a CSA for part of this summer!

  18. I love daffodils in my house this time of year. They remind me to hang in there,lol

  19. Beautiful Veggie and flowers

  20. Andrea, How wonderful to have a CSA during this time of year. I can't recall a vegetable I didn't like. Hmm.. Will have to think on that one ;)