Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wellness Wednesdays

A few weeks ago, when life was really hectic, and we faced multiple major changes at once as a family, I told hubby that I was thinking about “killing” my blog. Yes, I used those violent words. He looked at me, smirked, and said: “Okay. If that’s how you really feel. I’ll support you in anything.” I replied, “Okay. I just may.” Well, I wasn’t entirely serious, and I think hubby knew all too well that I loved blogging way too much to get rid of my blog; therefore the smirk. But I knew that I was spending too much time that I truly didn’t have blogging. I have cut back some, and I am hopeful that I’ll find a true blog/life balance some day… :-)

The funny thing is what happened a few days after the above conversation. Hubby was all excited about a new idea he had for a career planning blog (he is a college counselor), and he asked me if I was interested in posting on the blog regularly. The timing was really funny as I had just talked about blogging less. However, I was interested.

Several years ago, I was actually going to pursue graduate studies in career counseling and interned at a university career center for a few months. I loved what I was doing and learning. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pursue graduate school at the time. However, I have always been interested in career planning, which I believe is really life planning as one’s career is such a big part of one’s life. I think it’s so important to find something you truly love, matches your values, fulfills you, and leaves you energized at the end of the day. And what’s right when it comes to your career is also likely to change as your life changes. It’s so important to reassess where you are at and where you want to be once in a while. Can you tell that I’m excited about this topic?

So for the past few Wednesdays, I have been posting career planning/work/life wellness-related articles on Career Action Now. This week’s post is about making your dreams come true. So if you are interested, head over to Career Action Now where you can read more of my posts as well as Andy’s and Joe’s posts.

Questions: Are you satisfied with your current career? Do you want to make any changes to your career? If so, what is holding you back? If you are still in school, where are you when it comes to career planning?
Be well,