Friday, October 27, 2017

Feeling My Best with a Pre-Holiday Cleanse

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I like to do a cleanse several times a year. It's a way to reset how I'm treating myself. I do eat fairly healthy year round, but things like caffeine, condiments, some wine, as well as some processed foods always find their way back into my diet eventually. Plus, self care often takes a backseat when life gets busy.

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Because the holiday season tends to be busy and often stressful, I have found the weeks right before the holidays to be the perfect time to do a cleanse. It gets my head in the right place when it comes to how I want to treat my body because it's a great reminder of what makes me feel my best. Plus, a big part of the cleanse is about self care.

Some of you may wonder if doing a cleanse right when life gets busy is a good idea, and I say absolutely yes. How often did I intend to eat "sensibly" during the holidays only to not feel like myself come January 1? By doing a cleanse I get into the habit of treating myself as well as I deserve to be treated again, and it is therefore much easier to make the best decisions for my body during the holidays.   

So on November 1, I'll start the transition to the Conscious Cleanse. Life has been a bit unsettled in the last few months, and I find it especially important right now to take care of myself as much as I can. I partially do this by taking five to six barre classes a week, long daily walks and a few gym workouts (I'm planning to write a post about how my workouts have helped me deal with stress). The other part is the food I put into my body. In the past, when life got stressful, I reached for "comfort" food that did anything but comfort me in the long run. It's good to break that cycle.

What I especially love about the Conscious Cleanse is all the support you get: daily "love note" emails, daily email support based on your needs, a private Facebook group to share triumphs, struggles, and ask questions, and live tele seminars throughout the cleanse that really support you throughout your cleansing journey. 

There are so many reasons why I love the Conscious Cleanse ever since I did it for the first time in January 2013. Eventually, I became an ambassador for the cleanse because I truly believe in it, and I love hearing back from people whom I introduced to the cleanse and who love how it made them feel. Here are a few of the posts that I have written over the years. Check them out in case you would like more information: 

Here is more information about the Conscious Cleanse as well as sign up information.

Questions: How do you plan on taking care of yourself during the upcoming holiday season? 

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  1. Anonymous10/27/2017

    Doing a cleanse before the holidays sounds like a great idea!


  2. I have been eating and drinking to much the past week's! I hate that because I want to eat very healthy!We normally do so but sometimes you have a lot of ,, out eating dates,,which also involve alcohol! So now I intent to watch it a bit. Success with your cleanse!

  3. Thanks for this post. I'm going to check into this cleanse.

  4. You are so good about taking care of yourself Andrea, whether it's with workouts or food. You are such an inspiration!! I really am going to try barre class one of these days...there isn't one super close by, but I know of where it is!!

  5. I was shocked to discover I lost weight in Germany! Crazy, huh? But then found it again in Phoenix. Or it found me. Anyway, hoping to get back on track starting tomorrow with gym and eating better again. I have good luck with Weight Watcher's when I just do it. I tried a 3-day cleanse a few months ago but something happened on the third day and I didn't complete it very well.

    Bravo, for taking care of you and being a good role model to all of us.

  6. Doing a pre-holiday cleanse is such a great idea. We often think we need it after the fact, but preparing a bit in advance can really help get us through some of the 'not so healthy' options we end up consuming during the holiday season. Great idea!

  7. This makes so much sense to be even more conscious this time of the year. From Halloween until After New Years is I think when we do the most damage. Thanks for the inspiration and reminders that self care is so important