Sunday, October 15, 2017

My Happy Dress

It was Andy's birthday a few days ago, and he took the day off. Unfortunately, we both ended up not feeling well all day. Since we both felt a bit better in the afternoon, we kept our reservations at La Fondue in Saratoga.

Since I didn't feel all that great, I wanted to wear something that made me feel better. One of the items in my closet that always makes me feel good is my Desigual dress that I bought in Germany several years ago.

Question: What do you wear when you don't feel well?

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  1. Anonymous10/15/2017

    I like your happy dress! Makes me happy looking at it.


  2. I feel the same way about a lot of my clothes!! Otherwise, why have them??

  3. Love that you call this your happy dress - because it definitely looks happy! So pretty, and unique, and it looks great on you. I have to admit, when I don't feel well, it's usually sweats for me! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  4. Desiqual is always so full of color and prints! Your dress has got a beautiful necklace Line and that necklace is fabulous!

  5. Love this (and all) Desigual prints, and you look fab, Andrea! Thanks for linking up, xo


  6. You look great, love the bright print on the dress.
    xoxo Falasha
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  7. So sorry you were ill but that is one beautiful dress on you!!!!!!

  8. That is a beautiful colourful dress! So cheerful, I can see why it would make you feel better when you wear it :) I usually go for maxi dresses or skirts when I'm not feeling the best - so comfortable and make me look like I put more effort into my outfit than I did, haha! :) Hopefully you are both feeling much better and you enjoyed your dinner.

    Hope you are having a lovely week and your weather is better than ours! Cold and rainy here in Brisbane.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. My PJ's!! I applaud you for going out and trying to forget how you feel when your unwell. The dress is really cheery and looks fabulous xx Hope your better.