Saturday, September 2, 2017

Maxi Dress in Monterey and A Conscious Cleanse

The Bay Area has been experiencing extremely high temperatures; 105+ F in the last few days where we are. Since Andy and I are off for a bit before the new quarter starts, we decided to escape the heat on a weekday, and we headed to Monterey.

When we arrived there at 10 a.m., it was 57 degrees; almost too cool, but we didn't complain...

Monterey California

I never get tired of the beautiful coastline. We walked along the coast for about 1.5 hours and also took time to sit down and enjoy the cool temperatures and the scenery a bit. 

Relaxing in Monterey

I decided to wear my striped Tommy Bahama maxi dress that I hadn't worn very much yet this year with a cardigan. I was really glad I brought the cardigan... I bought the striped maxi dress at a Tommy Bahama outlet store on the way to Lake Tahoe a few years ago, and whenever I wear it, I remember that trip...
Tommy Bahama Striped Maxi Dress

Tommy Bahama Striped Maxi Dress

I also wore one of my favorite necklaces that had been tucked away in one of my drawers instead of being hung up on my bedroom wall. It was nice to be reunited with it...

Turquoise Necklace

After our walk along the coastline, we headed to Alvarado Street Brewery, where Andy enjoyed a beer flight.

Alvarado Street Beer Flight

We shared the Caprese salad that was made with homemade mozzarella. 

Alvarado Street Caprese Salad

We also got the gluten-free Asian chicken salad, which had plenty of chicken, lettuce, and soba noodles.

Alvarado Street Asian Chicken Salad

Escaping the heat for a bit was really nice, especially since I haven't been feeling all that well in the past few weeks, partly because my gallbladder is acting up again. It may be time to look into getting it removed, but I know that what I eat and drink definitely affects it as well. Unfortunately, so does stress, and I've had a bit more of that than I'd like in the last few weeks as well.

Luckily, I'm already signed up for the September 6 Conscious Cleanse, a food-based cleanse I have been doing a few times a year since 2013. And the Conscious Cleanse always makes me feel as good as possible. In full disclosure, I am a Conscious Cleanse ambassador, and I will earn a small commission should you decide to sign up for the cleanse using one of my links. 

September 2017 Conscious Cleanse

What I love about the Conscious Cleanse is that it makes me eat foods that make me feel my best (I first discovered that I'm very sensitive to gluten by doing a Conscious Cleanse and that information truly changed my life). The key for me is that it's a food-based cleanse and that I'm never hungry. Also, a big component of the cleanse is self care in general, which always calms me down, even in the most stressful times.

Finally, there is lots of support throughout the cleanse - daily, supportive emails, a private Facebook group (with cleanse participants from all over the world), access to health coaches that are very responsive and helpful, five live teleseminars where you can ask questions (they are also recorded). All the support and focus on more than food is what makes the cleanse so special to me and always leaves me feeling my best.

In case you are interested, here are few of my previous posts about the Conscious Cleanse.


September 2017 Conscious Cleanse Coupon Code

If you want to sign up for the cleanse, I have a $25 OFF COUPON CODE: ANDREA25. Here is more information about the Conscious Cleanse as well as sign up information.

Questions: Have you worn all your summer clothes this summer? If not, what do you want to wear before fall starts? Is what you are currently eating making you feel your best? Are you making enough time for self care?

Be well,