Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall Bucket List 2017

It's time for our fall bucket list posts. Thanks again to Leslie from Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After for keeping us all organized!

But before I jump into my fall bucket list, I'll give you one final update on my Summer Bucket List.

1. Make at least five day trips to the beach. - We didn't make it to the beach five times, but we went one more time in September and we also spent a week at the beach in July. So I think this is actually a success!
2. Read three fun books.- Yes! I read three fun books in July and then another three fun mystery books the end of August/beginning of September.
3. Go to the farmers' market at least once a week. -Nope. Nope. Nope.
4. Go on one hike per week. - We did very well with this one!
5. Take two barre and/or yoga classes per week. - Yes, after a very slow start, I got my groove back.
6. Sleep in at least once per week. - Even though I was off from my teaching job in July and August, life was very hectic and stressful. Unfortunately, that affected my sleep.
7. Barbecue at least once per week. -We did okay at the beginning of summer but then not so much.
8. Spend time in the patio every day. - I spent some time every day watering and pruning but didn't utilize our outdoor sofa as much as I would have liked.
9. Swim at least four times per week. - Nope. In fact, I think we swam less than last year!!!
10. Make good use of our Great America and Monterey Bay Aquarium season passes. - Yes, we made good use of both passes. 

I really liked having the list to keep me accountable and to remind me of the things I wanted to do. 

And now on to my 2017 Fall Bucket list. I know fall will be hectic, and I'm keeping this list pretty simple.

  1. Continue to take at least 2 barre/yoga classes per week.
  2. Visit a pumpkin patch (that the kid deems not too childish.)
  3. Visit an Oktoberfest celebration.
  4. Get one Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  5. Read at least three fun books. 
  6. Put up the fall decorations and add a few more. 
  7. Make pumpkin spiced oatmeal.
  8. Organize one section of my closet every week. 
  9.  Light a candle when I work from home.
  10. Visit the Farmer's Market once a week.

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Question: What's on your fall bucket list?

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