Saturday, April 30, 2011

CSA Veggies and Workout Adjustments

Yesterday, we got another wonderful CSA box.

Here is what we got and what I plan to do with each item:
  • Oranges; lunches, if I can convince the toddler not to juice them all; he is obsessed with juicing oranges!
  • Mandarins – same as the oranges
  • Celery – veggie sauce to go with pasta; salad; stir fry
  • Broccoli – roast with yams
  • Radishes – add to salad
  • Yams – roast with broccoli
  • Zucchini – sauté with onions, garlic, and tomatoes
  • Strawberries – lunches
  • Onion – veggie sauce to with pasta
  • Lettuce – salad
Workout Adjustments

As you may remember, I planned my meals and workouts at the beginning of the week. While the meals went as planned, my workouts did not work out. First, the toddler and I got a really bad cold. By Monday night I had a very bad sore throat and felt miserable. I decided to listen to my body and only did a short yoga routine on Tuesday. On Wednesday I felt a bit better, and hubby, the toddler and I went for a 7 mile walk in the afternoon. Here are some pictures from the walk:

Unfortunately, I didn’t wear the right shoes and socks and ended up with two very painful blisters which since have become infected. My three mile walk on Thursday probably didn’t help the situation…

Pretty much exactly a year ago, I got very sick with the flu, and I didn’t listen to my body. I kept working out and pushing myself as soon as I was just a bit better, and I ended up not getting better for many weeks. I’m determined to be kinder to myself these days, even if that means missing some workouts.

However, not working out is sometimes easier said than done. I really enjoy my daily workouts, and they are the source of my “happy hormones.” So missing workouts has consequences. I have found that just 10 – 15 minutes of simple stretches and yoga moves make me feel better. So that’s what I plan to do until I can work out again.

Questions: Do you listen to your body when you get injured or sick? Does not working out affect your mood? What strategies do you use when you have to miss workouts? Finally, what will you be up to this weekend? 

Be well,