Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joining the Beet Red Club

[Guest post by hubby.]

I'd like to go back a couple of weekends and put up a pic of my meal from when my brother graciously treated the teenager and me to lunch.

Here's what I had.

I finished off every molecule of these ribs, fries, and coleslaw.

Now, with being on my own, I know for certain that even in the recent past, this meal would have kickstarted a dining out marathon. Not that there's anything wrong with dining out, but I wanted to challenge myself to be more industrious on the food front for a change.

And I'm happy to report that I've been doing pretty well, at least in my humble opinion. I've essentially stuck to putting together simple and tasty meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

One particular highlight this past week was my first ever roasting of veggies: beets, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, and broccoli to be exact. The veggies were mostly from our CSA box. After trying to talk by phone with wifey, who was quite preoccupied with the toddler at the time, I thought I heard her say something like:

- Set the oven to 375°.
- Put some olive oil, salt, and pepper on the veggies.
- Roast for 20-25 minutes.
- Turn the veggies over.
- Roast for 5-10 minutes.
- There was also something about not getting any beet juice on the counter.

And with that, it was time to go roasting.

First up, gathering up the veggies.

Cleaning up the veggies some. After going online and briefly looking up "roasting beets," I decided not to peel the beets before roasting them.

And there you go:

To help minimize the possibility of a big beet juice mess, I chopped the beets on a cutting board inside the sink.

These veggies were so good. I found that a little bit of salt goes a long way with these veggies because they were noticeably salty even though I felt that I didn't put on that much salt. The beets were awesome but could've been even more awesome as they were just a bit too al dente (can one describe beets that way?) - I'll consult with wifey to figure out how to best remedy that for next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time. In fact, if there are any veggies ever to be roasted in our kitchen, I will insist on being the person to do so. If wifey lets me, of course.

Always Grateful,



  1. Anonymous4/13/2011

    Yum! That vegetable roast looks great! I love how roasting veggies brings out flavors you didn't even realize were there. Beets are one of my favorite veggies ever, I could eat them like candy when they're roasted or steamed.

  2. You are doing such a great job with the healthy eats, Hubby!

  3. Nice work! Great roasting. I am sure Andrea will let you because you just proved yourself totally capable.

  4. Those fries look so good :) Andrea will be very proud of your culinary delights! Especially the beets ;)

  5. You are doing great! Given the chance I think my husband would sustain himself on frozen pot pies and Banquet fried chicken.

    Since you guys like beets, not sure if Andrea saw this before, but I made beet hummus and it was really good - and I don't really care for beets!


  6. HA! I would definitely be sure to tell Nick to not stain the counters with beets, too. They are just so full of staining juices! I bet your pee was nice and stained too :)
    And yes, I think a beet can be "al dente"...why not? I think they taste better a bit more soft, so possibly roasting them a little longer would do the trick.

  7. Nice job! I have truly never had beets -on my list to try and WOW had no idea they did that to your hands! haha

  8. Great job!!! And, yes, I´ll be very happy to hand the veggie roasting job over to you! ;) I think I was a bit off with the roasting times I told you - adding 10 - 15 minutes would have probably done the trick...

    Oh, and I´m very glad you only stained your hands and not the counter!!!

    The toddler and I miss you tons and can´t wait for a nice meal prepared by you! :)

  9. Anonymous4/15/2011

    I have yet to cook a beet. They look messy.

  10. I'm impressed. I don't think my husband would attempt roasted beets!!! Great guest post hubby - as always my best to you, Andrea and the Toddler!!

  11. @theartsykitchen - I so hear you regarding beets.
    @Marisa, MelindaRD, Nicole, & Biz - Thx.!
    @Gina - Love your openness.
    @fittinbackin - Thx.!
    @Andrea - I did roast the beets longer than the other veggies, but now I know to either peel them beforehand, roast them longer, or a combination thereof.
    @experfectionist - the beet juice actually cleans up remarkably well.
    @Roz - Thx.!