Wednesday, April 20, 2011

They Are Back

[Guest post by hubby.]

When I saw the kale in the latest CSA box, I knew that kale chips were in my near future. Didn't really have a chance to consult wifey much about this. I was simply going to play it by ear based on the roasting that I did last week. The only thing wifey said was to pay some attention so that the kale wouldn't get burnt.

It was a last minute decision to also roast some broccoli and asparagus.

So glad to have roasted the asparagus and broccoli along with the kale, as they all tasted great. The next time we have kale chips, I intend to sprinkle on some parmesan cheese and rosemary to enhance the taste.

Since wifey has already put up her "We Are Back" post, I don't have to be coy and ask, "So guess who's back?"

As much as as I appreciated video chatting with wifey and the toddler, seeing them on this TV monitor last night was more thrilling.

For her first meal back, wifey didn't hesitate when I asked her if she wanted some bibim bap.

It's beyond great that they're back.

Always Grateful,