Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Fun and Weekly Meals and Workouts

Our weekend was pretty low-key and relaxing.

There was some soccer

and some bonding over playing the guitar

Hubby has been asking for some specific food items for a long time now, and I finally got around to making two of them:

Shrimp cocktail

and banana pancakes

On Sunday, we headed to Capitola to enjoy the beautiful sunshine at the beach. The toddler is finally at an age where a beach outing is somewhat relaxing. Well, at least for one of us; hubby did a lot of exploring with him… Thank you hubby! Smile

Before heading out, I packed a picnic lunch. I also planned our meals for the week and picked up the missing items from the store (I always try to use as much as possible from the fridge, freezer, and pantry). So here are our five meals for the week, in no particular order:

Meal 1: Split pea soup and a salad.
Meal 2: Salad with grilled shrimp, roasted yams and broccoli.
Meal 3: Chicken salad on a bed of lettuce.
Meal 4: Brown rice pasta with veggie sauce (onions, garlic, celery, carrots, and lots of mushrooms with a little bit of tomato sauce), Parmesan cheese, and lots of basil. A salad.
Meal 5: Carrot/chickpea stew with lemon juice and dill.

Now on to the workouts. My cold is still lingering, but I’m a lot better. Luckily, my blisters aren’t infected anymore, but they are still quite painful. In fact, I can’t wear shoes without a lot of pain. So annoying. I’ll have to still take it easy when it comes to walking/running, etc. I’ll focus on yoga and weight workouts at home.

Monday: Yoga and upper body weights.
Tuesday: Barre workout.
Wednesday: Total body weight workout.
Thursday: Yoga and (hopefully) some cardio!!!
Friday: Barre workout.

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? What do you plan to eat today or this week? What workouts do you have planned? 

Be well,


  1. it was a GORGEOUS weekend, wasn't it?!?

  2. What a great weekend!! Love the idea of a picnic and that hat is fabulous!

    This week I want to do lots of spinning and running - so nothing different! And today's eats include sausage and spinach pie, taco pasta and chicken cordon bleu casserole!!

  3. A great weekend, wasn't it?

  4. Hi Andrea, looks like such a nice weekend!!! Glad you are feeling better!

  5. Love the beach pics!!! Glad you had some time to relax!

    I'm interested in your Barre workout! How do you like it?

  6. @Marisa: I love my barre-type workouts. They are very challenging and work muscles you never knew you had. Whenever I do the workouts regularly, I really notice a difference in my body, my posture and my aches and pains. I walk straighter and my low back pain is always gone. I also love that the workouts focus on flexibility and balance, something I definitely have to work on as I'm getting older...

    I've been doing different barre-type workouts here in the area (mainly The Dailey Method and Pure Barre). The only problem is that they are very expensive. I try to wait for special deals (Groupon, Living Social, etc.), or when the studios offer specials. Also, I plan on getting one or two barre-type workout DVDs. Once I do, I'll post about how I like them.

  7. Ouch to the blisters! They're the worst :(

    The weather there looks to have been amazing! Once again, I'm very jealous :)

    I'm excited for Cobb Salads tonight! And Mexican tomorrow night! :)

  8. Anonymous5/02/2011

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend, those banana pancakes sure look good!

  9. Oh! Enjoyed your weekend much fun and sun! The shrimp cocktail and the pancakes look great. By the way, can I come for dinner? Have a great week Andrea :-)

  10. He is so multitalented! A musician and an athlete! Love it.

    Plans this week include something with chicken, something with tofu and something for Cinco de Mayo... that's about all I've got planned haha.

  11. Oh if only I could just go to the beach on weekends! Instead, I have to be happy with my lounge chair in the back yard :) It's been raining for the past three weeks and I would love to get some son over here, so send it our way!

    Roasted yams and broccoli sound soooo tasty. And, I'm a huge shrimp cocktail fan! This week on our "menu" we have some spinach salad, stir-frys, and lots of broccoli and black beans to get rid of.

  12. You are so well organized! Cute toddler you have there!

  13. Looks like a fun weekend. I am loving those pancakes!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. As to workout, its mostly running averaging about 45 miles a week, which makes me feel like i am hungry all the time.

  15. The highlight of the weekend was attending the wedding of a friend in lovely Mill Valley in a grove of redwoods. You couldn't ask for a prettier day, nor a lovelier and nicer couple. ;)

  16. This looks like A. PERFECT. WEEKEND.

    I'm behind on planning this week. In fact, I'm behind on life. Ugh. I just finished my last tournament of the season and after 9 months of tournaments, moving, purging (stuff from my house not food), I am READY to come up for air. Not complaining just ready to slow down for a few months.

  17. Ah, the beach! Looks so relaxing, yet fun! This week's meal's will be turkey breast from the crock pot tonight, pasta tomorrow, pork tenderloin Thursday and Friday is looking like a burger night. Last night we had a chicken stir fry w/ rice. What I'm liking here is that it's all from eating out this week!!! Workouts will be the usual...walking and/or running on the treadmill, hoping on the elliptical and hopefully the weather will clear up enough for a few 5K walks with my hubby!

  18. oh my gosh how I need to get us to go to the beach soon! could SO USE THAT!

    looks like the perfect weekend to me!

    we had a lot of family in town this past weekend so I was happy as I could be.

    I love your meal list...and your workout list sounds perfect too.

    I've got salads and fish on my agenda this week.


  19. Sounds like an amazing weekend. Looks like fun and sun! The best part of my weekend was celebrating my friends engagement at a party and then our other friends promotion to Master Sergeant. Not much meal planning as Ryan is gone this week and I am gone next week.

  20. Great workout schedule. I am looking for a really good cornbread recipe, any suggestions?

  21. Andrea, I'm in finaaaaaals! Boo hoo. No weekend for me. What am I doing reading blogs, then, you say? Well, I guess I should go back to work....

    Glad you had a great weekend though! :-)

  22. looks like you've had some fun family time.
    love the photo of your little one with the tiny great to introduce a love for music early. :)
    ahh, so jealous of the beach!