Monday, March 22, 2010

Relaxing and Delicious Weekend, CSA, and Weekly Meals

We had a good weekend! The weather was great, and I actually ran (very, very slowly) outside for the first time in a long time. It was wonderful.

We also played with the toddler at the playground every day and had lots of fun.

CSA March 19 05 CSA March 19 06 CSA March 19 07 CSA March 19 08
CSA March 19 09 CSA March 19 10

On Saturday, we got some awesome sashimi for dinner… Sooooo good!

CSA March 19 02

Followed by Korean shaved ice, topped with shaved, frozen strawberries, nuts, and chocolate sauce.

CSA March 19 03

Hubby and the toddler had a good time eating most of it. The toddler kept on monitoring how much hubby was eating the entire time, making sure he was getting his fair share… Do you see how focused they are! :-)

CSA March 19 04

On Friday we had gotten our CSA delivery, which supplied us with lots of fruits and veggies for the weekend.

CSA March 19
Here is what we got this week, and what we did/are going to do with it:
  • Oranges – already eaten
  • Apples – already eaten
  • Tangelos – already eaten
  • Green Cabbage – I think I’ll sauté it
  • Avocado – has already been eaten by the toddler…
  • Red Chard – Maybe I’ll use it in some juice. I haven’t juiced in a while…
  • Cauliflower – The head we got was really small, and I cut it up and we ate it raw.
  • Red Beets – I’ll experiment and roast them.
  • Leeks – I’ll use them in a soup.
  • Romaine Lettuce – I made a salad.
  • Cilantro – Some of it went into the salad, the rest is in the fridge in a class of water, “hanging in there.”
  • Green Garlic – I’ll use it in a soup.
  • Yellow Onions – I’ll use it in a soup.
And now on to this week’s meals:

Monday: Veggie soup with leeks, green garlic, carrots, and onions with cucumber dumplings. I picked up the dumplings at Trader Joe’s last week. I’ll sauté the veggies and then add some vegetable broth and cook the soup until the veggies are soft. Then I’ll add the dumplings. The package says the dumplings only need to boil for 3 minutes, so this will be a quick dinner.

Tuesday: Veggie burgers and roasted beets and carrots on the side. I have never roasted beets before. We’ll see how it goes…

Wednesday: It’s Wrapped Up Wednesday. Today, we’ll wrap sautéed veggies, cheese, salsa, lettuce, and Greek yogurt mixed with lemon juice, salt and pepper into sprouted whole grain tortillas.

Thursday: I’ll make a simple pasta dish with sautéed mushrooms, organic chicken sausage, and tomato sauce. Actually, I think hubby could pull this one off, don’t you think? ;) We'll also have a salad.

Friday: Salad Friday. Maybe it’s time for Fresh Choice again… :)

Questions: What are some highlights from your weekend? What are you eating this week? 

Be well,