Saturday, March 27, 2010

Can't Stop the Bap Egg On Top

[Guest post by Hubby.]

Oh, no I can't! I can't stop eating my "bap on egg on top." Even more so now since Wifey likes it more than I do, and I like it a lot. She even wrote about it in a post several weeks ago, where she also managed to throw me under the bus. But it's all good since the wounds have nearly healed, and I hurt only on the inside now. :)

I'd like to point out that "bap" rhymes with "stop" and therefore "top" and thus there's quite the rhyme scheme going on with the title of this post. "Bap" means rice in Korean, and no, I have no idea why I see "bap" spelled with an "a" everywhere, like at restaurants and online, and not simply spelled with an "o." I've thought about using "bop" for this post, but I tend to not like rocking the boat. That's just how I roll...

Anyway, enough rambling and on to the "bap egg on top" that I made for breakfast yesterday.

The gathering: sesame oil, roasted sesame seeds, ketchup, vinegar, soy sauce, butter, and chili pepper paste.

Mixing it up with brown rice.

The fried eggs could have turned out better looking: I blame it on the frying pan! (Someone/something needed to be thrown under the bus in this post, and since I'm barely smart enough to know to never throw Wifey under the bus, it had to be you, frying pan.)

Plating the meal and adding some cilantro...

Wifey has made this dish before taking turns adding green onions, mushrooms, and regular onions to the frying pan and then on to the rice right under the eggs.

This time around, I added the cilantro because we had some around, we love cilantro, and I needed some color. Its addition provided a contrast to the sweet (ketchup) and spicy (red pepper paste) flavor in the rice, and everything tasted well together.

The awesome news was that Wifey enjoyed the meal that I made. And really, is there anything more important than that?

Until Next Time,

~Grateful Hubby