Friday, March 19, 2010

Guest Post: About Dang Time for Lemony Pasta

[The following post is a guest post by hubby.]

I've never really cooked much. During the rare times when I have cooked, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to cook more. I will cook more. I proclaim right here, right now that I'll definitely make it a habit to prepare meals on a consistent basis.Woo hoo!

Now, it's been way too long since I've properly prepared a meal for the family. So yesterday, I couldn't wait to make a very simple dish that I call Lemony Pasta for dinner. I've made it a number of times in the past, but because my memory isn't the best when it comes to many things, I totally forgot the measurements. My preference when it comes to cooking is to refer to a set of thorough instructions and then to follow it verbatim. Wifey noticed my consternation and simply said, "Just do it. Don't look up anything. You've made it enough times." She knew that the meal was very basic and simple and had enough faith in me to know that I could figure it out. :)


  • Brown rice pasta
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  • Basil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Lemon zest
  • Salt and pepper (optional)

While boiling the pasta according to the package directions:

  • Pour 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil in a bowl
  • Squeeze lemon to create  1/2 cup of juice and add to the olive oil
  • Grate 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese and mix in with the olive oil and lemon juice
  • Chop up fresh basil
After straining the pasta:
  • Add the olive oil and grated Parmesan mixture to the pasta and mix in well
  • Plate the lemony pasta
  • Add chopped basil
  • Add lemon zest
  • Add salt and pepper (optional)
The Proof

Gathering up the main stuff...

After seeing me add the basil, the toddler picked a leaf from one of our hanging plants and added it. 

Nothing like freshly, grated Parmesan.

And now for some lemon zest.

The toddler looking somewhat surprised that Daddy's making something.

"Ready for my close up."

I was really surprised at how fast I put together everything. It only took about 25 minutes from the time I turned on the stove to boil up some water to plating everything. I still remember the first time I made this dish. I think it took me over an hour! Haha. I've certainly come a long way with this simple dish from when I first heard about it while watching a Food Network episode 5 years ago - Thanks, Giada!

The dish itself turned out pretty good, at least according to wifey, the teenager, and even the toddler. One thing I'd do differently next time is to use even less extra virgin olive oil, maybe use 1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil instead of 1/2 cup, as I think that that would still be plenty of olive oil for the dish.

We wanted a light dinner so the lemony pasta was the main dish. When we've made it in the past, it was more of a side dish. Wifey and I love pasta, lemon, and basil. So this simple dish really satisfies on multiple levels.

Can't wait to prepare another meal soon!

~Grateful Hubby


  1. Great guest post! That recipe could be applied to so many dishes and is so fresh and summer-y sounding!

    Hope to see more posts from you, Andrea's Hubby :-) Happy Friday!

  2. Anonymous3/19/2010

    Looks delicious- thanks for posting! I hope that you DO cook more and write for us again :D

  3. YUM! i love lemon in pasta dishes!

  4. That looks so good and so pretty. I love the lemon garnish there. It really makes the presentation so professional.

  5. Wonderful post and dinner looks mighty fine!


  6. Anonymous3/19/2010

    Lemony pasta sounds just perfect for dinner! I've never had that brown rice pasta before, must try soon! Great guest post!

  7. Haha! Love the look on the toddler's face. Yummy recipe too. WTG Andrea's hubster!

  8. ~Grateful Hubby3/19/2010

    Thanks, all, for your kind and supportive comments.

    @MelindaRD: Like many I'm big on presentation. I think I have a creative side that likes to come out every once in a while.

    @5 Star Foodie: I was taken aback at how much overflow of boiling water there was when cooking up the brown rice pasta. I'll have to remember to try lowering the heat after putting in the pasta next time to see if that works out better.

  9. Great guest post! Pasta looks delish. I measure everything and follow recipes, so I get it, but am inspired to just throw stuff together.

  10. Sometimes it is best to dress pasta simply. Looks delicious! We do take brown rice pasta and it is good :)

  11. Anonymous3/20/2010

    Love the guest post! This recipe looks simple too!

  12. Great guest post :) This dish looks delicious, but I'm particularly fond of the name - it's pasta, it's lemony, let's call it Lemony Pasta :D

  13. What a fabulous, fresh sounding dish! Great post, hubby... ;)

  14. So simple but yet seems so delicious!

  15. yum!! wonderful guest post. Tha's cute how your toddler wanted to help, and added the basil. : ) Can't wait for more scrumptious cooking posts.

  16. This is just perfect. A simple, a healthy meal (even if it did take you an hour to make...). I used to be like you and have to follow word for word of the directions, but after some practice you will start to get more comfortable, and do what Andrea said, "JUST DO IT!". You will learn to trust yourself in the kitchen. Just keep practicing! The meal looks great :)

  17. I love lemon pasta! This reminds me of chicken piccata which has lemon in it!

  18. I love this lemony pasta dish. A perfect springtime meal if you ask me! The brightness of citrus is always such a welcome flavor in pasta or chicken dishes. Thanks!

  19. Hi, Hubby! I love that you call Andrea "Wifey"--my husband does that sometimes and it drives me nuts!
    Dinner looks delicious! So beautifully plated, too. Hmmm, I'll have to show this post to MY hubby ;)

  20. a great dinner and a wonderful post!all is perfect!i love the photo with a little man in the kitchen:he is adorable!
    i ate a lot of salads lately and i posted recipes on my blog.
    ps:escuse my poor english!

  21. ~Grateful Hubby3/26/2010

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  23. ~Grateful Hubby3/26/2010

    Wow! Thank you all for such great support.

    @Gina: Oh yes - when Wifey says, "Just do it," whatever it is, I simply do.
    @Lara: Ha! - "Wifey" is Andrea's stage name for just this blog. We actually use a different endearment term for one another. :)