Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day

The toddler went to “Movie Night” last night, so we got to enjoy an “adult dinner.” We went to a modern Chinese restaurant and enjoyed a very nice meal. The lighting was very bad, and my photos didn’t turn out very well, but the food was really good… :-) Here is what we had (we didn’t eat the roses, but they were pretty so I had to take a photo…):

Lettuce wraps
Valentines Day 08

Chicken Salad
Valentines Day 07
Valentines Day 09

Valentines Day 10

Brown Rice
Valentines Day 11

After we picked up the toddler, we stopped by the cupcake place, and the toddler got to enjoy a mini cupcake… :-) We don't let him have one very often, so it was a very special treat for him...

Valentines Day 12

Today, we'll start the day with some sparkling wine with POM Wonderful juice (POM sent us the juice to sample a few weeks ago). The drink is the perfect color for Valentine’s Day, and it tastes great! The photo is from the other day… :-)

Questions: Do you like Valentine’s Day? How are you celebrating? I’m not the biggest fan of the commercial side of Valentine’s Day, but I think there is nothing wrong with letting others know how much they mean to you…  Also, the toddler got to experience his first Valentine’s party at preschool and loved every second of it, which changed my view a bit… :-)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be well,


  1. Anonymous2/14/2010

    beautiful roses and delicious food! so glad to know that you were able to celebrate V-day with your love! :D
    I am like you, I don't like to commercial side of V-day but totally love the idea to have another reason to express our love! :)

  2. How sweet! I love hearing about the toddler - his little social life is adorable!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. The toddler is so cute eating his mini cupcake. hehehe... I don't really celebrate Valentine's. Aside from passing out some Hershey kisses. i like to go the simple route.

  4. happy vday! i want a cupcake too!!!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! I had cupcakes to celebrate, too. Though, mine weren't mini. ;)

  6. Dinner looks wonderful! We went to a hockey game last night to celebrate and today I have 2 hockey games, so we'll just make dinner at home after my last game. I just like being with Mark, Valentine's Day or any day :)

  7. oh I love the presentation of those lettuce wraps! Looks like a great meal!

  8. hi andrea!
    love the food pics, esp the lettuce wraps. that mound of beans is perfect!

    anyway we dont really celebrate. hubs got me a dozen roses, that was that. we have a kid, so dinner out is not gonna happen b/c no babysitter and even if there was, meh, to most restaurant food.
    happy vday to you!!!

  9. I would like a mini cupcake! I like Valentine's Day. We get the kids a tiny bit of candy and the older kids make cards for everyone. It's just a simple day.

  10. What a great looking meal!

    We don't make too big a deal of v-day. The dance we go to each year is also the kids school's major fund raiser for the year so it serves a double purpose.

  11. Beautiful roses! Your dinner looks great (especially the lettuce wraps!!!). We went out to dinner to celebrate V-day.

  12. Yummy, looks tasty!

    The boyfriend and I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day; neither of us are much into these kinds of holidays. We like going out for dinner "just because" instead (less pressure, hehe). So instead I spent the day by myself yesterday, reading and relaxing. It was heaven, to be honest.

  13. I always love your restaurant pics..makes me hungry and the food is always new things to me! Thanks for sharing!
    we had cupcakes too. but I made them and they weren't the prettiest.

    I love to share how much we love each other at home, but I too hate the commercialism side to all holidays. JEEZ, jewelry stores...I know where to get a bracelet if I need one. don't need to bombard me with commercials and such.

    Happy Happy Valentine's Day my friend! Looks like you had a sweet one!

  14. Beautiful presentation of the lettuce wraps. Sounds like a wonderful V-day. We currently have 3 boquets of flowers in my apartment!

  15. Anonymous2/15/2010

    Sounds like you had a lovely celebration and a delicious meal!