Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jewelry Hooks To Make Accessorizing Easier

While I love shopping for clothes, I don’t do it very often. Rather, I try to mix and match what I already have in my closet. One way I try to make my outfits look new and different is by wearing different jewelry and accessories with them.

Until recently, I kept all of my scarves and jewelry in a small dresser drawer. Things got always mixed up and it was frankly neither pretty nor practical. So I decided to try hanging up most of my jewelry and scarves.

While I still have to do more work editing my current jewelry collection and maybe adding a few more hooks, the hooks are a huge improvement and make accessorizing much easier. I definitely wear a much wider variety of my jewelry than I did in the past.

Jewelry Hooks 1

Jewelry Hooks 5

To make the “project” easy and “reversible,” I used self adhesive hooks. They can be removed without leaving a mark on the wall, and I like the way they look:

Jewelry Hooks 4

Questions: How do you store your jewelry and scarves? How do you decide how to accessorize? Since I can now see most of my jewelry, it’s much easier for me to play around with different necklaces and try out different things.

Be well,