Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

I love having fresh flowers on the dining room table. But sometimes, it just gets a bit too pricy. I have found that bowls full of fruit are a nice alternative to flowers. We have friends with a lemon tree who very generously share with us whenever their tree is producing lemons. A big bowl of lemons is so pretty, especially in winter. They really brighten up the room! I’m looking forward to them in a few months!

My in-laws have an orange tree that is producing right now, and Andy goes and picks a big bag of oranges every week. So lately, we have a big bowl filled with oranges (as well as few other fruits) on the table. Andy and the kid love fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning, but I am not really a fan and rather eat my fruit than drink it.

Fruit Bowl Centerpieces

But then I discovered that our Trader Joe’s started carrying half-sized prosecco bottles. I AM a fan of mimosas! And half-sized prosecco bottles are perfect! So to celebrate my birthday a few weeks ago, we made mimosas with fresh squeezed orange juice. I guess I do like fresh squeezed orange juice after all (as long as I add some sparkling wine to it!).

Ponte Prosecco

Questions: Do you ever decorate with fruit? Do you like oranges? Mimosas? Okay, plain sparkling wine? When was the last time you had some?

Be well,