Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Han Skin Care Cosmetics Review & What I Wore

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you probably already know that I recently tried out some new makeup - Han Skin Care Cosmetics. And the exciting part is that the company was founded by my cousin! She was looking for natural makeup when she was pregnant but wasn’t satisfied with what she found on the market. So she worked on creating her own line of natural makeup that uses plant and vegetable pigments!  

Han Skin Care Cosemetics 1

I tried the lip gloss in pink lemonade. It’s a very pretty, natural color. It has a very faint, pleasant smell. Most importantly, it feels great, is moisturizing and isn’t sticky (one of my pet peeves when it comes to lip gloss). I also tried the eye shadow in cool coconut. It’s a natural color with just a bit of sparkle. I like that it stays on. Finally, I tried the cheek & lip tint in pink peony. It looks really bright in the container but adds some great, natural color to my cheeks.  

FullSizeRender 2

Han Skin Care Cosmetics 3

I am really happy with how the makeup looks, feels, smells and stays on. I also love the overall mission of Han Skin Care Cosmetics. Finally, I like that the line is affordable. One thing you should note is that the containers are smaller than many other products (the cheek and lip tint for example is 0.2 ounces; many other cheek tints on the market are around 0.5 ounces), but I think that’s actually a good thing as I often throw out makeup that has gotten too old. If you are interested in checking them out or buying the products, visit Han Skin Care Cosmetic’s website.

I sometimes post my outfit of the day on Instagram, and here are some of the outfits I recently posted:

IMG 1079

I love my raspberry tank and long cardigan, and I wanted to make sure I wore it before it got too cool (I didn’t have to worry - it’s going to be around 100 degrees all week…). I paired them with some white shorts and my Birkenstock sandals, which I love. (Never thought I’d say that!)

IMG 1171

Since it’s still so warm, I’m wearing my capris a lot. I paired them with a new grey/white striped blouse from Banana Republic that was on sale and then another 50% reduced. With my birthday coupon, I ended up paying less than $2 for it. To make the outfit more fun, I added a colorful bag that I bought about ten years ago in San Diego. I love it when clothes or accessories bring back memories!

IMG 1200

For date night, I wore jeans, pointy flats, a peasant top, a purplish necklace and a purple bag. It worked well for a low-key date night. 
Maxi shirt  colorful top

I hadn’t worn my maxi skirt yet this summer, so I wore it on Saturday with a colorful top. 

Striped dressFinally, on Sunday I surprised myself by wearing a striped dress. I am usually not a dress/skirt person, and here I was wearing a skirt and then a dress two days in a row. To make the outfit more fun, I added my Desigual bag.

Questions: Do you have a favorite makeup brand? What’s your makeup routine? I always wear some neutral(ish) lip gloss. And often that’s it. When I want to feel a bit more put together, I wear a tinted moisturizer, cream blush, mascara, and sometimes eye shadow. Definitely quick and no fuss. But I have realized that the older I get, the better I feel when I wear some makeup. What is your favorite outfit at the moment? I am actually over my summer clothes and wish I could wear some of my fall clothes, but it’s just too hot...

Be well,